Airbac Backpack

I received an Airbac backpack recently. The concept of this company is very interesting, they make bags with built-in shock absorbers… so you could, theoretically, run with the bag.

Airback backpack

I’ve been toying with the idea of running to take care of some errands. For example, I have monthly prescriptions to pick up at the pharmacy… it’s a VERY runable distance from home. So why not run there to pick them up?

Well, right now, the reason is because it’s too damn hot, but I want to try doing that in the fall.

So the Airbac bag is something I’m going to try using for that purpose. It’s a very well-made bag, you can tell from looking at the seams and zippers that it’s quality construction. The air support system helps reduce weight on the shoulders and shock to the spine.

Airbac features

My one concern is that it seems kind of stiff and I’m afraid that might be kind of uncomfortable when running. I’ve put it on and wandered the house with it… but that’s not the same as a true field test!

If I was still in college and had to haul textbooks around, this seems like it would be very handy to help alleviate that load. Although, if I was in college right now… I’d be doing my best to get my textbooks as e-books!

Airbac has bags for school, travel, sport, business, cameras, etc. Check out this one in their lineup, it looks really nice, very attractive bag!

Airbac Uptown bag

You can follow AirBac on Twitter (@TheAirBac) or on Facebook (Airbac).

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. I just received the backpack and I do everything with it . It came so quick and is made very well . The air system really works . Just crazy I wish I had this when I went to school . Just ordered this for my kids .

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