Weekend Things

Yay…. the weekend hath begun! Do you have any fun plans? I need to make fun weekend plans once again, instead of just focusing on cleaning toilets and grocery shopping!

Essentia Water is having a Super Summer Hydration Giveaway. Simply tell Essentia “How do you hydrate?” for a chance to win a Super Hydration Kit including a case of Essentia water, a JetFlow Tomahawk hydration pack, and a workout DVD from health and fitness experts The Healthy Housewives (approximately $100 retail value). All entrants receive an Essentia Coupon that can be downloaded and redeemed at a local retailer.

Essentia Water Giveaway

I’m entering just for the fact that I get a coupon!

Okay… the coupon is a nice perk. But winning the whole shebang would be fun too!

Enter here: http://www.essentiawater.com/Super

Here’s a little workout for you to implement this weekend, courtesy of Tribesports!

Leg/Ab Superset

If you try it, let me know!

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