Vitamin Squeeze

You’ve probably seen those “water enhancers” on the shelf right? The little bottles where you can control how little or how much flavor you put into your beverage? I recently received some bottles of Vitamin Squeeze to try, they’re in that same vein of product… except these ones are a powder. It’s like a hybrid of those individual packs of powder and the control-how-much-you-use liquid flavors.

Vitamin Squeeze bottles

I got to try 3 flavors, but they have 8 in the squeezable powder line. The lemonade is caffeine free, the pink grapefruit has <10mg of naturally occurring caffeine and the black cherry is an energy boosting kind that has 60mg of caffeine.

Vitamin Squeeze nutrition label

One difference from most products on the market is that these have vitamins in them. (Uh… hence the name, VITAMIN Squeeze!) Around 100% of several B vitamins and Vitamin C. They are sweetened with stevia, have zero calories and claim to have electrolytes on the front label, but looking at the nutrition label, if there is sodium, potassium, etc… it’s in such a small amount it is considered “insignificant” or 0mg. (So…. don’t buy this assuming it will take the place of your electrolyte source!)

I liked them, I used one squeeze for a large bottle of water, thus making it very lightly flavored. If you do a solid squeeze on the bottle, it just dispenses a “serving”. I was worried that it would be a continual flow (like a liquid kind would) but it’s pretty neat the way it just does the one serving. Of course, you could do another full squeeze or a couple of light squeezes to customize your flavor level.

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Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


    • Emergen-C has a TON more Vitamin C than this, but really you’ll just pee the excess out anyway! Emergen-C has more electrolytes too.

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