Healthy Beverage Expo 2013: What I came home with

mōr sparkling enhanced water
I got the peach passion fruit flavor. They have two additional flavors (pomegranate lemon & raspberry strawberry). It’s a no caffeine, no sugar, lightly carbonated beverage.
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mor sparkling enhanced water

Noah’s Sparkling Water
Sparkling water, 4 cans total. I got one peach mango, one pomegranate and two almond. Because I sampled the almond at their booth and LOVED it. I have already consumed 3 of the 4 cans since getting home, these were items I was eager to tear into! Now I’m staring at the almond one and feeling reluctant to drink it, because that means they’ll be all gone. 😦 The water is a  good source of naturally occurring magnesium, I’ve been reading more about magnesium deficiences so I appreciate this.
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Healthy Beverage Expo 2013 Noah's Water
Tetra Pak water
This wasn’t really marketing a beverage, it was simply about packaging for drinks. We’ve all probably had drinks in a tetra pak. I thought it was funny to get a package that was marked as being from some city’s municipal water… especially in light of all the other items I was picking up at the expo.
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Tetra pak

Reed’s Culture Club kombucha (2 bottles)
I came home with two bottles of kombucha from Reed’s: coconut lime and pomegranate ginger. I loved the coconut lime that I sampled at the booth, so they made sure that I had one of those to take home. They have 8 total flavors in their lineup!
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Reed's Culture Club coconut lime kombucha

Reed's Culture Club pomegranate ginger kombucha

They also had ginger candy there. They make a whole line of ginger products, drinks to candy to ice cream. I love ginger things. I was trying to not appear greedy, so I just took one piece of each flavor they had there… and I wish I had more! The peanut butter ginger chew was AWESOME!

Reed's ginger chews

Reed’s also makes butterscotch beer (not alcohol… think Harry Potter butterbeer) and I want to try that. I can’t be the only one who has read the Harry Potter books and thought, “Hmmm…. I need to try that butterbeer stuff.”

I came home with 2 cans of this. In each 50 calorie can it contains a blend of L-Theanine, GABA and Glycine to help relax the mind, promoting feelings of peacefulness. It also contains folic acid, which is important for women.
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Rising Sun Coconut Water
This booth was staffed by a family, and they were all perfectly lovely people. If they made every attendee feel as welcome as they did me, they’re doing something right! Their coconut water is sourced entirely from young Thai coconuts and is sold in a stainless steel can. It has really great flavor too!

Rising Sun Coconut Water

Mountain Valley Sparkling Water
I came home with two bottles, one of their spring water and one of the sparkling water. It took me a minute to notice that was the difference, at first I just glanced and thought they had different colors just because! Both options tasted great, it was kind of strange to drink water out of a glass bottle… not something I do that often!
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Mountain Valley Spring Water

1907 Water
This water has a pH of 8.0 to help keep your body fluid levels from becoming too acidic. It is artesian water from New Zealand and supposedly helps “people look younger, and feel healthier.”

1907 Artesian Water

Tea of a Kind
This company makes 3 flavors, but I brought home one bottle. (I actually snagged this from the press room, not from the actual booth.) Twisting the cap open releases the tea into the bottle of water, this is to keep the antioxidants from losing potency.
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Tea of a Kind

Omega Infusion
This company makes 4 flavors of water infused with Omega 3s. They’re zero calorie, sweetened with sucralose. I came home with one bottle of the orange flavor.

Omega Infusion

Wat aah
This brand was started by a mother who noticed her kids didn’t drink much water. When she asked why, they said it wasn’t “cool”. So she came up with a packaging that looked cooler! I admit, it caught my eye as I was walking by so I had to stop and ask about it. However, their website is super noisy, so I didn’t want to hang out on it to read more about the product.


Sencha Naturals
This company makes green tea mints, but they have started offering packets of green tea drinks. Simply add to water and you get the goodness of green tea and coconut water! I came home with two packets of drink mix as well as a little packet of mints.
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Sencha Naturals

Celestial Seasonings
Uppers and downers from the same company! The Enerji products have about 100mg of caffeine, except the extreme version which has 150mg. The Snooz line is meant to be taken 30 minutes before bedtime to help you sleep better.
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Celestial Shots

Modjo Hydrate Elite
A more natural sports drink than the powerhouses on the market, infused with coconut water… but designed for those who don’t like the flavor of coconut water. I sampled their Tropical Punch flavor at the booth and thought it was tasty. They sent me home with two bottles; Tropical Punch and Lemon Lime. They also make 2 other flavors. I gave these to my husband to get his take on them.
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Modjo Hydrate Elite

I also came home with a few chapsticks, one from Noah’s Water (in almond scent, since I loved their almond sparkling water) and 3 from Tea of a Kind, each of their flavors. The chapsticks are all SPF 15, so they’re perfect to stash in the pockets on all my handheld running bottles! Gotta have SPF chapstick when running! 🙂


  1. Thanks for the review Jill. I think I would pick up a few of these if I saw them in the stores by me – especially the tea in the lid idea. That is genius!

  2. I’ve only tried that Reed’s Kombucha out of all of those and I really liked it. I didn’t realize that it was the same Reed’s that made the ginger candies.

  3. Tetra Pak water is interesting. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Using plastic bottles for water is not exactly healthy. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic 🙂

    I cannot comment on the other beverages that you bought, I just don’t drink flavored water 🙂

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