Munchkin Meals

I recently stumbled upon the Munchkin Meals section on the blog A Healthy Slice of Life. At the recent appointment where the doctor once again told me we had to get the baby’s weight up, I was also informed that the baby is clear to eat basically anything.

Brittany, the genius behind Munchkin Meals, invited me to participate in the latest linkup after I tweeted about her site. So I’m going to play along, although I hardly feel qualified to chime in after seeing the gourmet prep that some participants do!

First, for those who may be new to my site due to the Munchkin Meals linkup: my baby is Alexis and she is 9-months and 2 weeks old. Most weekdays she goes to her school, since I work full-time. This week she happens to be home with me because it’s the break between the regular school year and summer camp.

6:30: Nursing after she wakes up

9:00 -9:30 Breakfast:
Pretty much always oatmeal with banana or prune. I made my own oatmeal for her by pulverizing organic oats and cooking them, but those don’t reheat well and I don’t have time to do that everyday. So I’ve been using Earth’s Best brand or O Organics from Von’s. I started putting a dab of sunflower seed butter in it for extra fat. Her school is peanut free, so I couldn’t send her to school with oats & peanut butter. Also, I haven’t given her PB yet!

She eats about a quarter cup of this when it’s prepared.

Lately, she’s also been getting a fruit of some kind as a side, blueberries frequently. She eats all of this. She loves blueberries. They get cut into halves or quarters, depending on the size of the berry.

Typically she gets about 12 blueberries

She also gets milk along with this.

12:30 Lunch:
Normal lunch for school may be some kind of vegetable & grain purée mix with some butter and a finger food on the side. At home I took the opportunity to make her lunch. I made steamed sweet potato chunks, cherry chunks and a scrambled egg. The doctor told me that research is shifting to say it is okay for babies to eat egg whites, where it used to be only yolks were safe before the age of one. Baby food research is a pain, it changes all the time.

eggs, sweet potato, cherries
Original portions

So far though, eggs hold little interest to her. The cherry and sweet potato chunks, they were eaten enthusiastically. My mom said my brother and I loved our eggs as babies and my brother’s kids love eggs. I figured they would be a good source of fat and protein for her, but so far… she drops more of them on the floor than she eats.

post-eating leftovers

1:00 More milk

2:30 Snack:
A little later in the afternoon I gave her a snack. She seemed grumpy and I knew she hadn’t quite eaten enough. We keep some snacks at her school, just in case she gets a case of the munchies. I bought some new ones via Amazon to keep in her school cabinet and we decided to try some of them today.

Happy Baby Happy Creamies

Verdict? She loved them. But I’m kind of annoyed at how few there are in the bag. They’ll go fast.

4:30 Milk

5:30-6:00 Dinner:
Tonight she got a purée mix of green beans and peach in a Squooshi pouch. I buy organic produce (fresh or frozen) and steam it before pulverizing it and freezing it in ice-cube trays. Then I can just pop out a few cubes for her food.


She got a little over-zealous with shaking the pouch around and started to make a mess.


She also got to eat some ground turkey (for the very first time) and some cheese chunks.


She ate all of her cheese and about 2/3 of the turkey burger. The rest she dropped on the floor for Jade The Boxer.


At 7-7:30 she is usually getting pretty tired. I’ll nurse her and then she goes to sleep for the night.

You can see what others have contributed to this month’s Munchkin Meals roundup as well!


  1. What a cutie, Jill! Recommendation to get the weight up: coconut oil! You can give her spoonfuls, we love it on toast, and you can add it to your fruit purees. So excited to read more of your blog!

    • Yeah, I guess I would be considered small. Her weight is in line with her daddy’s family as kids, as well as my brother and I being on the bottom of the growth charts our whole lives. I’m fine with her being small. It’s just the fact that she’s dropped in percentile that really has the doctor concerned. But she’s A LOT more active now too!

  2. She’s adorable! You’re doing a great job… all you can do is offer the food, and trust that she’ll take what she needs. Doctors have a way of stressing parents out. 🙂

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