9 months

My baby is 9-months-old today!

Not this baby:

Jade the Boxer

The fur baby will be 3-years-old on Tuesday. 21 in dog years, we’re taking her to the bar to celebrate.

The human baby is the 9-month-old!

Alex at 9-months

Everyone says it goes by fast. You can’t fully comprehend in the early days when you feel like everything is revolving around baby. Well, everything still revolves around baby. But in a different way. It’s still hard, but she is so amazing too.

She is pulling herself up on more and more things. One day that will become full-fledged standing and then walking. It’s both scary and exciting!


  1. So very cute! My baby is starting Kindergarten in the fall and I am freaking out. It really does go by fast, but you never truly understand until it is happening to you. Happy 9 months to your little one!

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