10 Things That Make Me Happy

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: Ten things that make you really happy

Clean sheets and a made bed.

Most of the time, our bed is unmade. Well… my side of the bed is pulled up neatly and my husband’s side looks like it went through a tornado. He just doesn’t have the same appreciation for freshly washed sheets and getting into a bed that is neatly made as I do. But at least he gives me the luxury of being the first one into bed on the days when the sheets are all clean and the bed is made. Even better is we recently got new sheets. Freshly washed, brand new sheets with no frayed edges are awesome!


I write a whole blog about it… I guess it’s pretty obvious that I enjoy running. I enjoy going to races and being around others too. I enjoy running with friends, but I haven’t done that in so long I’m not sure I really remember the activity.


I love sushi. Not those weird crazy kind that are smothered in mayonaise based sauces. Those are gross. Just give me a simple roll with some vegetables in it, maybe some tuna or shrimp for good measure. Or a nice piece of nigiri. Yum…

Inbox zero

My inboxes are so rarely empty, but I love it when I can clear it out. Sometimes it makes me sad when I immediately get another email after emptying them out. It’s like tracking mud across freshly mopped floors.

Days off from work to do whatever I want all day

When I take a day off work and I can just sit around for a while… go on a run… clean out my inbox… go get a frozen yogurt… do some yoga… whatever, those days are kind of blissful.

Blogging, social media, etc.

I have been blogging since 2001. It has introduced me to so many people and I really enjoy it. Lately I feel like I’m getting so many requests to review products or to take guests posts, it’s starting to get overwhelming. I almost spend more time trying to sort through those than I get to spend on my blog. I’ve made friends through blogs and social media that are people I now treasure in my life. It’s pretty cool.

My family (parents, brother, in-laws, extended family…)

I’ve got good relatives. We used to do “Friday Night Loser’s” where my brother and I wanted to spend Friday nights hanging out with my parents, bringing in our significant others as we got older. Now we live too far apart and I don’t have any family here in Vegas. That would be nice, but it makes me appreciate seeing them all the more.

My dog

Jade the Boxer was so essential for me when she came into our lives. She helped me through a rough time of depression and she’s really such a loving dog. I feel bad that she is a little displaced since having the baby, but I guess that’s the natural order of things.

My baby girl

Alexis is the bright shiny spot in my life that I never knew I needed until she was here. Sure, she’s hard at times, but she’s also amazing and she fills my heart with more love than I ever knew was possible.

My husband

Kevin is the first guy I dated and didn’t get bored with after two weeks. After 4 years of dating and (nearly) 12 years of marriage… I’m still not bored with him. He makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, he makes me laugh and he works his ass off to take care of us. I’m grateful to his efforts every day, even when those efforts result in him swearing at a project in his shop or in the yard.

Blog Every Day In May


  1. I love clean sheets too. Sounds like your dog is awesome…I give my dog tons of attention and she still wants more, so having a baby in the house must be tough for her.

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