Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

Blog Readers: I’m sorry if I turned you off from commenting when I enabled Livefyre a few months ago. The lure of pulling in Facebook & Twitter discussions on posts was so appealing, but it never panned out the way I hoped and confused some in the process.

Livefyre logo

Mom: I’m sorry for snapping at you and being hormonal and angst-y during teenage years. I’m scared that my sweet baby girl will go through that someday, and I now recognize that once upon a time, I was also a “sweet baby girl.”

Baby Jill
Baby Jill

Kevin: I’m sorry I can’t cook meals like you get when going out to eat on your employer’s dime. But I don’t have the time, skill or desire. I’m also sorry you hate your running program I made, but you asked for it and it’s so you can be with Alex and me for a long time! (And to balance eating at Hash House A Go Go so much without me!)

Chili Crusted Indiana Maple Leaf Farm Duck Breasts
Chili Crusted Indiana Maple Leaf Farm Duck Breasts from Hash House A Go Go

Alex: I’m sorry that I spent my whole pregnancy terrified of your arrival and unaware how awesome you would be! I’m sorry I wipe your nose when it runs, even when I know how much you hate it. And I’m sorry for all the parenting mistakes I am bound to make over your life, I’m trying my best!

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Blog Every Day In May


  1. Gosh, you really took this one to heart! You definitely don’t need to apologize for being a teenager. Everyone goes through that stage, and you were pretty tame on the scale of teenager rebellion. Most of the time you were happy, fun, and always my best friend. I have loved you every day of your life!

    Oh yeah, nobody cooks meals like the Hash House a Go-Go picture, that’s why there are restaurants!

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