Day in my Life

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day – this could be “a photo an hour” if you’d like)

So here is my day yesterday… fairly representative of normal.

Wake up at 5:45. Wash my face, get dressed. Go downstairs, let Jade The Boxer out to do her business and feed her breakfast. While she’s eating, prepare the baby’s food for the day at school. Eat some breakfast myself while logging into my work computer, responding to a few emails, etc.



6:40ish: Go get the baby. She’s usually been awake for about 15 minutes, just playing in her crib. She’s always smiling and happy when she wakes up. I feed her, get her dressed for school and bring her downstairs.


7:00: Entertain the baby while trying to do some work until my hubby can take her to school around 7:15 to 7:30.


7:30-4:00 PM: Sit at my desk and work. I try to take periodic breaks to stand up and shake out.


I usually start the day with my “co-worker” Jimmy Fallon, listening to last night’s episode of Late Night. Telecommuting is pretty lonely, I tend to play TV or podcasts in the background. Most of the time I don’t even get anything out of them (the story or information) as much as I just get noise to keep me company.


Sometime mid-morning I eat a snack, usually a bar of some kind while at my desk. This is usually right after I’ve pumped for the first time of the day.


At about 1:00 remember that I need to eat some lunch. This day I decided to nuke a frozen meal. I had a few coupons for these meals from Evol. This one had good flavor, but the steak was chewy and rubbery. I wouldn’t get it again. But the ingredient list is impressive on this brand! I also have to pump again at this time.


Try to convince Jade to go outside to take care of business. When it gets hotter, she doesn’t like going out!


4:00: My work day is over. I used to work way too long, but now I’m eager to sign off the second the day is over so I can go pick up Alex.


When we get home, I nurse Alex and she usually dozes off for about 20 minutes on me.

5:00: Jade gets her dinner. She’s got an internal clock, always at 4:50-5:00 she goes and hovers near her bowl.


5:15: Make Alex a puree of some sort and feed it to her. I usually make big batches of fruit and veggie purees and keep them in the freezer. Then I choose a few of them to combine for her. Lately we’ve been eating them out of pouches. She likes that she kind of gets to control it and feed herself, but I still have to be careful else she’ll pick up the pouch, place it on her head and squeeze. I’ve been using the reusable pouches from the Squooshi brand.


5:45: Fortunately, tonight’s dinner menu was to get sandwiches from Subway. We had a buy-one-get-one coupon and I knew I was going running later in the evening, so that would be good fuel that wouldn’t bug my stomach too much.


6:00-7:00: Entertain and/or follow the active baby around the house, making sure she doesn’t pull DVD players on her head or eat cords. Try to type a blog post while keeping an eye on her.


7:00-7:50: Bath the baby, get her dressed in jammies and nurse her. She usually falls asleep on me during this feeding. I marvel at how sweet and beautiful she is before transferring her to the crib.


8:00-8:35: Quick evening run. Decided this was the only time I had to run now that it’s getting hot. It was still 89 degrees, but at least it was dark.


8:35-9:15: Do some prep work on the baby’s food for the next day, labeling it and getting some items out to defrost. Go take a shower and eat a post-run snack.


9:15-10:15: Watch TV with my hubby (this evening we watched Tosh.O) while I respond to a couple work emails and blog emails. Try to be in bed by 10, listen to a little bit of the news, usually up through the weather before falling asleep.

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  1. We totally eat the same stuff. I love those Evol bowls – but I’ve only tried the chicken kind. Also Lara bars and Subway sandwiches mmmmm. I enjoyed this post. I always wonder how you find the time for everything you do!

    • I’ve had the Teriyaki Chicken Evol bowl before, it was better than this one. Even though the flavor truly was awesome in this, the meat was too chewy!

      Somehow, I’m not surprised we eat the same stuff! 🙂

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