Quest Nutrition

Quest Bars
Photo from Quest Bars Facebook page

Recently I received a box full of goodies from Quest Nutrition. The bars are high in protein (20g), high in fiber (17g) and available in a ton of flavors. TONS of flavors, from things like chocolate peanut butter to strawberry cheesecake.

I sampled a few of them and found they had really good flavor with a funny protein bar texture, but my husband really did the bulk of the sampling. Here are some of the highlights of his feedback on a few flavors:

  • Cinnamon Roll is “deliciously tasty”
  • Berry is “meh”
  • Lemon Cream Pie: My jaw was tired after eating it. Decent lemon flavor.
  • Vanilla Almond Crunch should be called “plain”

Quest Bar texture


In addition to the protein bars, they make peanut butter cups. In a two peanut butter cup serving you get 20g of protein and 1g of sugar. It wouldn’t be fair to put them up against the peanut butter cup candies in a face-off, but they are pretty good if you’re not doing a direct comparison. They have a little more crumbly texture inside than most peanut butter cups. They taste slightly artificial, but still they can satisfy a craving for sweets.

Quest peanut butter cups

And after sampling all the flavors… well, this happened:

Quest Bars in boxes

Yep, we bought a whole bunch more of them. They have become a staple for my husband during his busy season. So well-played Quest, you’ve hooked new customers!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. Awesome. I’m always looking for new bars to try. Recently, we tried Monkey Bars and have gotten hooked, but these look like a great alternative. Thanks, Jill! 🙂

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