I Feel Pretty… Oh So Pretty…

I’m not a beauty blogger, my knowledge in the areas of hair care/makeup/skin care are rudimentary at best. But a while ago I wrote about using Seabuck Wonders sea buckthorn oils in my moisturizer and conditioner. So they sent me their new skin care line up. And I love it! They all have a slightly orange-y scent to them. The serum and facial cream are what I use at night and I use the facial cleanser in the shower. They make my skin feel so soft and smooth! Love love love, plus there’s not the potential oily residue that can end up on your pillowcase if you mix the oils into your existing moisturizers and go to bed too quickly after that!

Seabuck Wonders skincare

I got another VoxBox via Influencer and it contained the Colgate Optic White lineup.

Colgate Optic White line


I tweeted/instagrammed the following picture. But the top pic is my teeth last week and the bottom is after using the Colgate Optic White for one week. I can see a difference!

Optic White results

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily something that makes me feel pretty, since I’m bound to end up dirty from it… but I get to run the XTERRA Trail Run Series 10K at Lake Las Vegas on April 14! Outside Media and Footbalance are sponsoring me for the event!

I’m not so much “training” for the event as “going to do” the event. I mean, I was just contacted about doing it yesterday… so how do you “train” for a race that is in one week and you didn’t now you were going to do it! But I’m looking forward to the chance to go do a trail run as well as giving Kevin the chance to feed Alex. (He’s not yet fed her solids! Both of her grandmas that live in a different city have fed her solids, but her daddy hasn’t yet due to his work schedule!)

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