Peanut Butter Cup Challenge

This is a super, scientific post full of hard-hitting, investigative journalism.

Or it’s just a random lark that I decided my hubby and I should compare different peanut butter cup candies.

Either way… I bought a few types of peanut butter cups and we sampled them side-by-side. Now perhaps we shouldn’t have used a special holiday themed one for Reese’s, but we did and that’s the way it all went down. Did it skew the results? Possibly, but I think the overall outcome would be the same no matter.

The contenders:

Peanut Butter Cup variety
The contenders, with a glass of milk (consumed by my hubby)

We unwrapped the bounty and set them all on a plate together. The Justin’s cup is the one in the white wrapper.

Unwrapped Peanut Butter cup variety

We sniffed each of them. The Reese’s one smelled the most like peanut butter. Possibly due to the fact that the holiday kind has a thicker peanut butter filling, but it was a really pleasant and noticeable peanut butter smell. The others didn’t have a peanut butter smell at all.

The Justin’s one was second place on peanut butter filling, it had more peanut butter inside and it tasted pretty good. Surprisingly, not as good as just opening up a jar of Justin’s nut butter though.

Inside of Justin's PB Cup
Inside of the Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup

The Unreal variety was the most disappointing, it didn’t have a strong peanut butter cup profile, just kind of sweet. The peanut butter really didn’t shine in this one.

Unreal Peanut Butter Cup
Unreal Peanut Butter Cup insides

While the Justin’s variety would win in terms of ingredients, mainly because their ingredient list is all organic. The calorie info is basically the same, ranging from 190 – 210 for 2 regular peanut butter cups. While the Unreal one is the lowest in calories, it’s also the smallest serving (36 g.) and the Reese’s is the largest at 42 g. Justin’s is in the middle. So it’s really all basically the same. The Unreal variety has the most fiber, with 3 g in a 2 cup serving. And the protein content is pretty similar across the board, 4 g. for Justin’s and 5 g. for Unreal and Reese’s.

All in all… it’s still candy. None of them can be called a “health food”, but they can be a part of a balanced diet. And if I was going to pick based purely on flavor, I would stick with Reese’s.


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