Medi-Dyne StretchRite

Medi-Dyne reached out to me and asked if I would like to review something from their site. I was unfamiliar with the company before they contacted me, so I had fun perusing their product lineup. Ultimately I decided on the StretchRite.


I’m sure you’ve seen stretching programs that use a towel or a strap to help leverage the stretch, right? Well the StretchRite replaces those and adds new dimension to the stretch. The six handgrips make it easy to hold onto the strap and ease into a stretch. But they also help give you a way to monitor your progress, as you develop more flexibility you can move onto the next handgrip.

The StretchRite comes with a poster that illustrates ways to use it to hit all sorts of body zones.


I had kind of assumed it would be most helpful for me with leg muscles, kind of the “running muscles”. But I feel really nice stretches when using it for my shoulders. I really need to set a timer to use it while at my desk several times during the day!

Jade The Boxer hates the StretchRite, the handles kind of clack against one another when picking it up and she backs away warily when I use it. But then again, she’s a big chicken!

It’s an effective tool to help deepen stretches. And yes, you can use a towel for many of these stretches. But the StretchRite is easier to grip than a towel and retails for just $25, so if you have tightness and trouble stretching it out… this is a really good option for a reasonable price.


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