Week in Re/Preview

I feel like I’m falling apart! Most of the week was pretty scaled back due to illness. I mentioned last week that if I still felt bad I would go to the doctor at the beginning of the week because I need to take care of the baby… no screwing around and ignoring illness this time.

So I went to the doc and sure enough… I had bronchitis. (Side note: I LOVE going to the doctor and paying a co-pay even though I tell the doctor what my symptoms are, what my diagnosis is and what medication works for me. I get this every year… can’t they just have some kind of thing on file with the pharmacy to allow me to get my meds and get better? I’m not going to abuse a z-pack!) Her recommendation was lots of rest, lots of fluids and the prescription. I think I got the fluids and prescription down!

The baby’s school was closed on Friday for a teacher prep day or something like that. Which meant that I took the day off work to have a four-day weekend with her. Typical two-day weekends are really good at making me feel like a total parenting fail, I can’t get her to take naps and carrying her around all day takes a toll on my back. I was scared of four-days of that!

On Friday we went for a 3.2 mile run together with the stroller. The stroller usually settles Alex down to take a little bit of a nap, so that was my goal… get her to sleep!

Alex in the stroller #imagreatist

The run felt pretty good so I went on another run on Saturday. Saturday marked the last day of my antibiotics, I sure had a rough time on the run that day. I was hacking and coughing, I’m sure I looked like cause for concern pushing a stroller down the road like that! 🙂

Then Saturday evening, after my hubby got home from work he picked up a pizza for dinner. I started to feel queasy, but I thought it was just because I was so hungry. He brought the food home, I took two bites and then ran into the bathroom to throw up.

We put the baby down for bed at 7:30, I ran to go puke some more and then I went to bed. Amazingly, the baby stayed asleep from 7:30 until 5:30. I would have preferred a slightly later wakeup time, but it worked out okay. I think she wasn’t feeling very well herself, her tummy was making lots of grumbling sounds throughout Sunday morning.

Sunday was mainly filled with the BRAT diet. My mom came to my house on Sunday afternoon to hang out with Alex and me. We took the dog and the baby out for a walk that afternoon when she got here.

This morning my mom took the baby out for a walk in the stroller and let me go out for a run. The run felt great, I finished feeling strong and like I could keep going. That’s always a nice way to finish a run. Yet I’m still feeling kind of weird and I’m coughing more than I’d like. I guess I have to give myself a little bit of time to get this completely out of my system.

I hope HOPE HOPE to get in a long run this week. I’ve had two step-back weeks in a row, but I have several meetings and a new employee starting this week, so I’ll have to see how things play out.

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