Slightly Mobile

Alexis has rolled from her tummy to her back a couple of times now. The other day we placed her on her back, turned away from her for a moment and turned back to see this:

Alexis Rolled Over - 3.5 months

So I guess this means she is very slightly mobile… which means more mobility could be pretty close. Exciting and scary!

She’s also recently discovered her feet.

Look, I have feet!
Look, I have feet!

Toys are becoming more interesting to her. We received this NogginStik rattle recently and it’s one of her favorite toys. She can hold on to it, shake it around so it changes colors and listen to the rattling. The NogginStik has a whole list of ways it’s supposed to help brain/social/physical/etc. development more than other rattles. She definitely looks at it very inquisitively and you can tell she is pondering things while playing with it. She’s working on developing the next iPhone or something like that because she’s playing with it! Or she’s trying to figure out how to eat it.

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