3 months

As of November 24, Alexis is 3-months-old. She’s been in daycare/school for a month now and her teachers seem to genuinely love her. I love that they do lessons and monthly themes, even for the babies. How can you not be in love with a baby hand-print turkey and putting a paper Indian headdress on her to learn about the first Thanksgiving?

Baby girl's Thanksgiving projects at school!
Baby girl’s Thanksgiving projects at school!

Alex had her 3-month-old checkup this week. I guess the most common format is to do a 2-month-old and then a 4-month-old check, but since she had to get her belly button fixed up (umbilical granuloma) at 2 months, we had another appointment.

I picked her up from school to go to the appointment and she had just fallen asleep. She kind of stayed asleep as I put her in the carseat, drove to the doctor’s office, carried her in… but then when they wanted me to strip her down to her diaper she started to SCREAM. She was not happy about being wakened from her slumber. She screamed the entire checkup.

And she’s usually such a smiley-happy baby!

Her most recent stats:

  • 11 lbs, 12 oz (25th percentile, means she’s thin)
  • 23.5″ long (normal)
  • 40cm head (normal)

The doctor brought up the subject of solids with me, he said that he frequently recommends that formula-fed babies start eating solids at 4-months-old, but exclusively breast-fed babies usually are doing so well and getting everything they need that he recommends holding off on solids until 6 months. Unless the baby sits at the table with you and seems really interested in food, then you can start introducing solids after 4-months. I had figured we would put a high chair on her Christmas list (she’ll be 4-months-old on Christmas Eve), but who knows if we’ll use it then or wait until February.

She sleeps really well. At bedtime the whole family (including Jade) goes to her room. We set up our baby bedtime assembly line, get her ready, turn on her iPhone with some music (usually Coldplay, but sometimes lullaby Muse), kiss her and close the door. She may whine a little for a minute or two after we leave, but she falls asleep quickly.

Baby Bedtime Assembly Line
Rolling baby, pajamas, swaddle…

She talks a lot, constantly babbling. It’s one of the cutest sounds ever!

She drools and constantly has her hands in her mouth. I’m anticipating a tooth due to this behavior. My birthday is 2 weeks before hers and I had a tooth at my first Thanksgiving. If she takes after me it could be soon! Of course, I was born even further past 40-weeks gestation than she was too.

Hand Sucking
What? I’m not sucking on my hand! And this top makes people call me a boy!

She loves her activity gym. She reaches for the toys, sometimes clinging on to multiple toys at once. She also kicks over to her sides while playing with it. We think this may be what helps her to roll over the first time!

Activity Gym
I love my gym!

Overall, we’re doing pretty well at being a happy little family. She’s a lot of hard work and I still miss being able to just get up and head out the door easily. But I guess she’s more than worth it! 😉


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