Month in Re/Preview

dailymile - November 2012For the month of November I:

  • Ran 61 miles
  • FitDesk’d 164 miles
  • Stopped the Core Challenge
  • Did yoga half-heartedly twice
  • Ran the Color Me Rad “race”

I wish I could say I felt super pleased with this, I am just having trouble fitting workouts into my schedule! I hope that it will get easier over time, but every week feels like we’re starting over with new patterns. I really don’t want to go run in the dark with the stroller, but that’s the only option for running with the baby on weekdays since it is dark by 4:30. I can take my lunch break to run, but that’s only if I’m not going to go out to lunch with a friend and I try to allow myself time to do that at least once each week. I need social interaction and I have a tendency to be a little bit of a hermit, which has been heightened since having Alex.

Thanksgiving threw me for a little bit of a loop too. We left town for the holiday and traveling with a baby and a dog was kind of hard. Our first trip with Jade was hard but it got easier after we’d done it several times, so I’m assuming we’ll get better at traveling with a baby too.

I’ve felt really frustrated with my post-baby body recently. I got the app Fiteo, which allows you to take pictures of body parts and put it together into a time-lapse video so you can see your progress. But I have to admit, taking only two pictures of my abs made me feel bad about myself. It’s a cool concept for an app, but it just feeds negative body-image ideas for me. So instead I’m going to take a picture of the baby everyday and put her in a time-lapse. That should be more fun than looking at my loose skin.

So the plan for December:

  • Run! Do a long run of 8 miles or more
  • Keep using the FitDesk, I love using that during work
  • Figure out the best way to work on postpartum core strength that won’t worsen ab separation.
  • Use the Born2Run Level 1 strength program each week

And of course, there are holidays to deal with in December. So I want to give myself the flexibility to eat yummy treats, do a little bit of traveling and go to my hubby’s work Christmas party without beating myself up. Self-compassion… that’s the ultimate goal!


  1. Thank you for your posts, especially in regards to your continued recovery, physically.  I’ve also found myself continually fighting those demons of eating and body image, and it helps me tremendously to “hear” from another athlete who still participates in endurance sports and seeks to be healthy.  It’s a long road!

  2. Yeah… I know. It’s just so hard to not want to have your normal self back. Yet… “normal” may be completely different now.

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