2 Months

This week Alexis turned 2-months-old. I’m counting her as another month older on the 24th of each month, since she was born on August 24. She’s 9-weeks-old today, but I decided that it’s just annoying to correlate the weeks to months when stating her age.

Alexis on her 2-month birthday

She’s a little wiggle worm, as evidenced by the blurry feet/hands in the picture. But when I pick her up and hold her against me, she snuggles right in. She’s a cuddler in that regard, but only if she’s held upright against my shoulder. If you try to cradle her in your arms, she wants no part of that.

Cutting out caffeine seems to have helped her out a lot. Damn… Okay, just kidding, I’m glad that she seems to feel better. But I have moments where I’m just dying to get some caffeine in my system.

More new clothes from grandma!

She started at daycare this week. Half days only, but next week it will be longer hours. I HATED leaving her at daycare the first day. It made me cry.

First day at daycare

But when I eagerly went to pick her up, she had just fallen asleep so I had to wake her up to take her home. She isn’t loving taking a bottle from her teachers, but she’s getting better.

Sleeping at daycare

I’ve discovered that those fabric car seat covers are cute and great to keep sun/bugs/people out of her face, but they totally SUCK in the Las Vegas wind, especially on the BOB. My last run with her I had to stop so many times to move the cover back in place so it wasn’t laying right across her face. This has been a recent discovery, as the wind has really picked up this week.

Fall has also arrived, so I need to get more warm clothing for her. I haven’t actually bought my baby any clothing yet, all of it has been gifts or hand-me-downs. Which is AWESOME… but most of her wardrobe is short-sleeve one-piece apparel. The two outfits shown above are ones my mom gave her after she was born, because she needed some girl-specific clothing! She needs a few more items with sleeves and pant legs. Plus it’s gotten to the point where my hands are always cold once again, and I feel bad touching her bare skin with my dead-cold hands. She actually flinches sometimes.

She has been sleeping from 10:15 PM until 6:30 AM the past two weeks. And that’s because I wake her up at 10 to feed her and wake her up at 6:30 to feed her. She’s definitely hungry in the mornings though, the second I unswaddle her she starts sucking on her hands. If she had teeth, she’d probably be gnawing on them. Surprisingly, with all that sleep she’s getting, I’ve been feeling more fatigued than ever these past two weeks!


  1. while some people go overboard with their baby sharing – yours i totally don’t mind and actually enjoy hearing about alexis! she is so adorable! 🙂 bummer about the caffeine but her sleeping through the night has to be nice!

    • @lindsay Thanks, glad I’m not boring you! LOL! I will try caffeine again around Thanksgiving… I don’t know that I need it to focus, but sometimes the extra pep is nice and I like the ritual!

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