7 Weeks to a Triathlon [Review]

7 Weeks to a TriathlonI’ve debated the triathlon ever since I met a bunch of friends who did triathlons in addition to running. For the most part I feel like I don’t want to do one… the swim really scares me. However, the 7 Weeks to a Triathlon book started to make me feel like I could actually do one. I just need a bike… and a place to swim… and time to train! ūüėČ

In all honesty, this book is a great resource to get started… at least, in my opinion as a run coach who has never done a tri! Perhaps I’ll have to do one someday to mark it off the list. There is a super short version that culminates in a one-mile run… that means the swim and bike legs are short too. Maybe I’ll find one of those. It would probably be a kids triathlon though.

The book is written with an authoritative tone, yet also contains a hefty dose of humor. I liked that, it felt approachable. So instead of being too babyish or to hardcore, this book strikes a great balance.

Quote about how crazy triathletes can be

Sprinkled throughout the workout pages are tips or motivational quotes, to help power you through. Four of the 7 weeks in the program have a specific focus, like run, bike, swim or taper. You always know exactly what it is you are working on so you aren’t left wondering, “Why am I doing this now?”

7 Weeks to a Triathlon sample training

Just like with any sport, triathlon comes with its own language. This book includes a glossary of terms so you can figure out what things like drafting and m-dot mean and don’t have to feel left out of the conversation once you’re hangin’ with triathletes. And just as an FYI…

Drafting: Following less than the distance of 7 meters (about 3 bike lengths) behind or within 2 meters next to another cyclist. The rider who is drafting gets as much as a 40 percent Reduction in wind resistance by positioning themselves in a low-pressure area directly behind the lead cyclist. When caught by an official, this will result in a time penalty. When caught by other riders, this will usually result in some choice words.

M-Dot: A symbol taken from the Ironman logo, a dot on top of the letter M, which resembles a person.

In addition to the real meat of the book (the training programs, that’s what people really want, right? To be told what to do and when to do it?) the book has info on how triathlons came about, tips and tricks to use throughout your training and race day as well as personal anecdotes from the authors on how they got into the sport.

7 Weeks to a Triathlon race day checklist

You can connect with others on the 7 Weeks to a Triathlon community on Facebook.¬†This book is part of a whole series of programs that can be found on the 7weekstofitness.com website. They have a 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups workout… I probably could use a 7 Weeks to ONE Pull-up program!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.






  1. I keep entertaining the idea of doing a tri. This book sounds like something I should check out. How much a swimming base do you think is necessary before starting the 7 week program?

    • updowntouchtheground¬†The book doesn’t specify an exact base, but it does encourage you to start with a sprint tri, which is a 500m swim. It also gives several pages of tips and drills for swimming and it mentions that you can use any stroke you want/need to get yourself through the swim!

  2. I don’t have enough life ambition to do a tri. I will gladly watch and am thinking about volunteering at one, but more to affirm that I have no desire to do one.

  3. I helped with a couple of the Ironman’s they held in Oceanside, CA a decade ago and started buying the books thinking that it would be a fun accomplishment.¬† Then I priced bikes and had a revelation – it wouldn’t be *that* much fun.¬† So I ended up doing ultras.¬† Moderation has never been one of my vices.
    Before I switched though, I started working with a Master’s swimming team and discovered that I loved open water swimming.¬† Just like your very first run, it’s scary and hard.¬† Somewhere, after a couple of exposures, it becomes fun.¬† I just made a firm rule never to swim out more than one stroke less than half way.
    “Time-saving Training for Multi-Sport Athleres” is a great resource for any athlete who does endurance training, btw.

    • longrunningfool¬†Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to look at that one!
      The book recommends doing some Master’s swim classes. I have a friend who has been taking some swim courses and he really enjoys them. I’m thinking I’ll take baby swim classes with my little girl when she’s one! ūüėČ

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