Kona Kase

I got another monthly subscription box to test out! Kona Kase is full of sports/endurance performance nutrition items. For $15 each month you get a box, or “kase”, filled with 8-10 full-size products to try. The subscription cost is the flat fee, no additional shipping costs to account for.

Kona KaseLet’s get a better look at the contents of the box, shall we?

Kona Kase contents

This is a great value for all of these items and the fact that you get to taste something new. When I first started endurance training I basically did this for myself, I would go to REI or Fleet Feet and just grab several different items to test each month. This fits that need without any effort on your part. (I guess you’ll have to save that effort/energy to put toward training, right? Because shopping is exhausting!)

I know that they had Picky Bar in the “kase” one time, those are awesome. And the founders have a sense of humor, as evidenced by their bios on the company about page. (Read them… they involve inflatable bulls and spandex.)

If you are still looking for fueling options for endurance training and/or enjoy using yourself as a test subject, this is a good offering! PS – I think everyone needs to use themselves as a guinea pig and try multiple products to figure out what works best for them. Don’t just assume that one certain item is the be-all-end-all option! This is part of the fun of the sport!

Thanks Kona Kase for letting me check out the “kase”!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. Very cool to see one of the past months Kases. I think yours looks really good! Just goes to show that what works for some may not for all. Good thing they change it up monthly. Do you still subscribe?

    • I just got the box for one month, they sent it to me to review. But after seeing your box recently, I’m tempted to subscribe!

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