Bulu Box Revisited

I was sent another Bulu Box and this one was a little better! Although, it contained a lot of energy drink type products! [See my review of the first one.]

Bulu Box number 2

  • Athlete Octane
    “Liquid Endurance Solution” – A 1 ounce bottle containing 67 calories of energy drink. Contained 1 bottle.
  • Neuro Edge
    A packet of an energy drink powder. Received 2 packets
  • Hawaiian Coconut Energy
    A powdered zero-calorie coconut water drink with electrolytes and caffeine.
  • Swanson’s Vitamins Raspberry Ketones
    A diet pill supplement. The box had a bottle of the pills.
  • Vplenish
    A tiny packet of powdered vitamins that can be added to food or drinks. Box had 2 packets.

While I have ZERO interest in the diet pill, I was excited to see Swanson’s represented. I’ve mentioned them countless times on here… they are my go-to source for supplements. Plus the box contained a discount code for free shipping on an order of $25 or more, so that will be handy!

I’m not too keen on needing tons of energy products, perhaps the box would have been more balanced with just one energy drink item. And if I were to choose which one it would be, I would take the Hawaiian Coconut Energy because that stuff is DELICIOUS! Seriously, I really enjoyed that product, it would make a yummy drink for training to get in electrolytes and a little pop of energy from the caffeine. It wouldn’t provide you with calories, that would have to come from another fuel source. But I’m leaning toward keeping my electrolytes and calories separate for distance training anyway. I’ve never found a sports drink that truly sets well with me.

I think Bulu Box is progressing… this one was definitely an improvement over the first and if they can get a little more variety in the box, it would be a lot of fun to receive one each month.

Giveaway! If you would like to receive your own Bulu Box, leave a comment below. I’ll do a drawing at the end of the week for a winner.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. I always like to try new things, especially sports drinks/supplements that help me work out more effectively. Thank you for your review of the Bulu Box!

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