Bulu Box

Bulu Box contents
Have you heard about services that allow you to subscribe to receive a monthly box full of beauty or makeup samples? Well the BuluBox is a similar concept; for a monthly subscription fee you will get a box that contains 4 or 5 samples of health/wellness related products.

The box is $10 a month, but if you sign up for a year-long subscription (or send someone a year-long gift subscription) the price is $110, a $10 savings.

The box I received had 5 products for me to sample:

  • Life Equals Omega-3
    Two fish oil pills in a little plastic pouch stapled to a card with more information about the product and the company. This company donates an equal amount of children’s multivitamins to malnourished children worldwide with every product  bought.
    Twitter: @LifeEquals 
  • RevHoney
    I received a small tube of RevHoney snack, which is about 75 calories of honey and dehydrated fruit together in a tube. You can use this for quick energy in every day life (consume straight or spread on toast or mix in a drink) and it can be used for sports fuel. However, it seems that the standard gel packet format would be easier to deal with in sports than this tube. They also make a honey-based drink.
  • Pure Matters Vitamin D3
    I received a bottle of 30 Vitamin D3 capsules, the largest “sample” in the box. The company makes several different vitamin products that are made from “wholesome, natural ingredients” for men, women, kids, fitness or everyday life.
    Twitter: @PureMatters 
  • Nightfood
    This company makes a snack food bar that contains protein, slow-digesting carbs, fiber and more that is meant to be eaten in the evening. So it can serve as a sweet nighttime snack, but it also helps lull your body to sleep.
    Twitter: @NightFoodBars 
  • Cellucor Super HD
    This company makes muscle growth, protein and weight loss supplements. I will not use a pill that claims to encourage weight loss, so this item is garbage to me.
    Twitter: @Cellucor 

The cool thing about the BuluBox is it introduces you to new companies. For example, I didn’t know any of these companies existed before I received my box.

The downside is that some of the samples don’t really seem like they’d be enough to allow you to make an educated decision on the product. Taking one sample pill? Not really going to give you any kind of representation of the benefits. Tasting a bar though, that should be enough to make a decision.

The other negative is that there seems to be a lot of weight loss partners on their site. I would want to be able to say “No weight loss/diet aids” or something like that if I were going to consider signing up for a service like this.

BuluBox is a pretty new company and they are running a special promotion at launch to attract new customers. So if you’re interested in getting your own box for free, just visit the site and order one and enter the code 500FREE at checkout. The first 500 boxes ordered with this code are free.

Twitter: @BuluBox
Facebook: /BuluBox

Legalese: This was provided to me free for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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