Week in Re/Preview

I’m pleased with my walking mileage for the week… considering it was my 3rd or 4th week postpartum. (How do I count for that? Alex turned 4 weeks old on Friday, so it was leading up to 4 weeks postpartum?)

Dailymile training - week of 9/17 to 9/23

  • Monday: 1.52 miles
  • Tuesday: 2.04 miles – First time hitting 2 miles in one walk postpartum.
  • Wednesday: 1.52 miles – I scaled back from the day before, my incision hurt and I felt like I was coming down with a cold.
  • Thursday: 2.03 miles
  • Friday: 2.04 miles
  • Saturday: 2.1 miles
  • Sunday: 0 miles – I thought I would put Alex down to sleep again after the 6 AM feeding and we could sleep in… but we only got about 20 extra minutes of sleep.
  • Total Miles: 11.25

I’ve been tracking my miles using various apps on my iPhone. Most of the time I use Runner’s Log, since that’s my main repository for my training log. But I also usually use another app simultaneously. Lately it’s been the Run4Good app, which takes miles that people have run/walk and puts them toward charities that work on reducing childhood obesity. [Run4Good review on TheRUNiverse.com] All of those 2 mile walks were basically the same route, just up and down the streets in my neighborhood. But the distance varies based on the obstacles in my way.

Here’s a test for if you are a good neighbor… take a walk on the stretch of sidewalk right in front of your house. If the trees and shrubs hang out in the way of someone walking on the sidewalk, you need to do some trimming. If your cars are parked in the middle of the sidewalk, move the car. If your garbage can is in the middle of the sidewalk, move it out of the way. (For some reason, everyone in my neighborhood puts their trash right on the sidewalk on garbage day, so I end up walking out in the street with the stroller on those days.)

In my mind, I want to shoot for 2.5 miles each day this week. Part of me isn’t sure if I’m pushing it too much. My pace has been increasing on these walks without any real effort or pushing to get it there, so that makes me feel good. But every evening my incision area is sore and a little swollen. I don’t know if that’s due to the exercise or the copious amounts of sitting I do to feed the baby. Abdominal surgery really sucks!


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