SeabuckWonders [Review]

SeabuckWondersA little bit ago I was sent some products from SeabuckWonders to try. SeabuckWonders makes products that are based upon the Himalayan sea buckthorn berry, a plant that is rich in antioxidants and omegas (3, 6, 9 and 7). They make beauty products that contain the oil from the berry or the seed of the plant, as well as supplements. Apparently Dr. Oz is a proponent of sea buckthorn berry, but that was news to me until I tried these. I don’t really follow what he is discussing, but if that’s you’re thing…

Since I was pregnant when I received them and I’m breastfeeding now, I elected to not ingest the products, but you can do so. I’ve just found conflicting opinions on whether it is safe pregnancy/breastfeeding so I’m taking a cautious approach.

Instead, I chose to use them topically. Just adding one drop of oil to a squirt of lotion seems to make the product spread more and absorb better. This is nice since I live in the desert and my skin is constantly parched, this prolongs the life of your moisturizer.

SeabuckWonders in lotion
Lotion and seed oil for one leg.

The seed oil is pretty mellow and I have been using a drop of it in my moisturizer for my arms and legs each day. The berry oil gives the moisturizer a lovely orange-yellow glow, so you can pick up a nice oompa-loompa look. I do put a drop of this in my facial moisturizer each night and go to sleep with a slightly faux-tan look, but that’s all gone by the morning. I usually apply it before I feed the baby, so I get about 30 minutes to just sit with it on my face. If I applied it and then immediately climbed into bed, I’m pretty sure I’d end up rubbing some of it off on my sheets. Just as a warning…

The seed oil costs about $33 and the berry oil about $25. But if you order them through Amazon, they’re much cheaper. (As of this posting date.) The seed oil is $22 and the berry oil is $18. If I were to limit my purchase, I’d probably lean toward getting only the seed oil because then I could use it for day or night purposes.

It does have a slight scent, the berry oil is a little stronger. It fades after an hour or so and becomes more neutral. My skin feels smoother and softer with this stuff, I really like it so far. Plus, when you use one drop at a time, it’s bound to last a long time!

Disclaimer: I was provided these products free for the purpose of review. The opinions here are my own.

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