Brooks Pure Flow

About two months before my due date I received a pair of Brooks Pure Flows to try out.

Brooks Pure Flow

There are a few models in the new Brooks PureProject line, this is one of them. According to Brooks’ website:

The PureProject collection is a tribute to runners with a sense of adventure and a craving to grab their run by the horns. Radically lightweight, flexible materials merge with smart design to naturally align your stride and empower every push-off. Unleash your feet; experience the PureProject by Brooks with four unique shoes in vibrant colors.

When I ran in these shoes at 8 months pregnant, I felt clumsy and awkward; but I was unsure if that was purely due to my preggo condition, the shoes or a combination of both. And while I’m not cleared to run yet, I did take them out for a couple walks in recent week and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care for these shoes.

They’re just too cushiony and squishy. I get sloppy in my form when wearing them, not picking my feet up appropriately and I kind of shuffle in them. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it happens each time I put them on.

It’s frustrating to decide to retire a pair of shoes with only 25 miles on them, but they’re just not living up to my ideals. If I keep walking/running in these I’m going to end up tripping and falling! I guess I’m accustomed to much more minimal shoes now.

But they’re cute, so they’ve got that in their favor!


  1. I’ve been a Brooks girl for most if my running career. I spent 9 years in Brooks Adrenaline until plantar fasciitis and fraying posterior tibial tendons threatened to sideline me with surgery. I self healed thru Crossfit and minimalist shoes and have been on a quest to find the right shoes ever since. Many shoes worked but I suffered another 2 years of giant recurring blisters. I finally made my way back to Brooks through the Pure line. The Cadence WORK for me. They hug my feet and arches in just the right spot! 2 marathons and an Ultra blister free! I just bought the Cascadia for a mountain race and success again! Now if only they would make a Brooks fit with a Hoka bottom, I would be well on my way to an Ultra career! (Everybody’s feet are different – my other friends swear by Saucony Kinveras!)

    • You’re right, everyone’s feet are different. In hindsight, I’m thinking the PureConnect might have been a better choice for me to try. I do have and love the Kinvara, which is another more cushioned shoe with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop like the PureFlow, but something in the construction of it seems more streamlined and works better for my feet.

  2. I have low arches and wide feet. for me these are the best pair of tennis shoes I have ever worn. I feel more balanced and the cushioning is just right for me. they have been discontinued and I am trolling the internet trying to pick up the last pairs in my size.

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