Recent Reading

I know a lot of people bemoan the growing use of e-readers and declining physical books, but it’s hard to read actual physical books while holding/feeding the baby! But I have been able to read with my Kindle! Here are some recent reads:

Running Dark by Jamie Freveletti

This is the second book in the Emma Caldridge series of thrillers. Emma is an ultramarathon runner and a chemist, so running plays a part in the books. However, this one didn’t have as much running as the first one, which was fine. The story started off with the character running the Comrades Ultra, but then it moves into Somalia pirate territory. Easy quick read.

The Ninth Day by Jamie Freveletti

And the third book in the Emma Caldridge series… she does a little more running in this, but not tons. I liked this one more than the second book. It revolves around drug runners in Mexico, Arizona and into the midwest. Emma is taken captive by a Mexican drug lord while she is using her ultrarunning skills to explore remote land for plants to be used in various cosmetic resources. Yeah, kind of feels like a stretch but the book picks up and moved really fast.

See: My Review of Jamie Freveletti’s Running From the Devil

Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler

This book was actually sent to me for review purposes. It has nothing to do with running, but it is a medical-based thriller.  A neurosurgeon is doing a demonstration in Hong Kong and when he uncovers the cadaver discovers it is someone he knows. The book then delves into the creepy world of people harvesting bodies and parts via unethical ways (uh… murder) for profit.

Stray by Mark Matthews

I read a different book by Mark where the main character was a runner. This book isn’t running related either, but centers around a counselor at an addiction facility and how his life intertwines with people who work at an animal shelter next door. It’s very different from what I usually read for fiction, but it’s kind of dark and sweet at the same time. (Strange description, huh? But substance abuse isn’t a pink and happy topic.)

See: My Review of Mark Matthews’ The Jade Rabbit

PS – I really like the site GoodReads for keeping track of books. I can mark books that I’d like to read so I have a record of them, since in the past I would see a book that sounded interesting and then forget the title. Plus I can keep a record of books I’ve read. I wish I’d had this for all 31 years I’ve been reading! (Cause I’m a data geek…) If you’re on GoodReads, you can be my friend over there!


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I downloaded Tread Lightly based on your post and am really enjoying it (though it’s slow going because I find it difficult to read on my tablet for very long–the backlight is tougher on my eyes than the Kindle e-ink).

  2. I recently read a book called “Indian Running” by Peter N. Actually a Native American runner gave it to me after running 10 miles with him. Also, recently read “Eat & Run” by Scott Jurek, it was a quick read with a lot of interesting Vegan recipes. Have you read either of those?

    Thanks for your posts, love following them from the road.

    Somewhere in Iowa,


    • Eat & Run is on my to-read list! I’ll have to look into the other one. I just watched a PBS documentary about HS Native American runners growing up on the rez, it was interesting.

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