Leading Lady

A while ago I was approached by the company Leading Lady, asking if I wanted to review one of their sports bras. Since they market toward full-figured women and nursing women, I wasn’t really their target market at the time, but they still provided some great tips on getting a good fit for a sports bra.

When they found out I was expecting, they offered to send me a nursing bra or cami to try. (THANK YOU!) I elected to go with a cami. I was concerned about how my mid-section would look after pregnancy, so I chose a cami that had a looser and more forgiving silhouette.

Leading Lady - Striped Nursing Cami

The cami is really comfortable, but it’s also incredibly unflattering on me. I am not sure if it’s the square neck, the banding under the breasts or just the whole top in general, but it looks REALLY bad. So bad that I didn’t want to take a picture of myself in it. This doesn’t mean I’m not wearing it, my poor husband gets to see me in this top for sleeping because it’s great for night and the clasps are really well made for easy feedings when I’m half-awake.

I will probably order more nursing bras from the site at some point, once my body settles into whatever the hell it is doing. They also have some helpful resources including a Nursing Bra Guide and a Breastfeeding A-Z. If you are nursing or if you’re a full-figured gal, this site is definitely a good one!

Leading Lady provided me with the cami for review purpose. Thoughts here are my own.


  1. I see what you mean. I bet it’s hard to find your new “fit” after giving birth. I’m sure you will get there. And this top looks more like a reallyyyy short dress. I feel it would only make breastfeeding moms looks bulkier, and who wants that?

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