Week in Re/Preview

I think I’m ready to start re/previewing my weeks again! Woo hoo!

DailyMile training for the week of 9/3 to 9/9 2012

Okay, the graph from DailyMile makes it look a little more ambitious than it actually was…

  • Monday: 0.7 mile – first walk outside post c-section.
  • Wednesday: 0.48 mile – first walk with the baby in the BOB. It was too hot and muggy though.
  • Thursday: 1 mile – I pushed the BOB and my mom controlled Jade on her leash.
  • Friday: 1.1 mile – I took the BOB but left Jade at home since it was my first day on my own and I can’t control Jade’s leash yet. She’s kind of being a punk lately.

I’m hoping that since the weather promises to cool off a little, I’ll be able to get out for at least a mile each morning with the stroller this week.

Weather 9/10 to 9/15

At my incision check last week I was given permission to go up and down the stairs all I want, but I still can’t drive or lift heavy things. (Heavy meaning more than 10-15 pounds.) It’s frustrating to still feel like a prisoner in my own home in some regards. But then, it’s hard to get out anyway when you’re dealing with the baby’s schedule. If she had a dayplanner if would be very full once you add in all the feeding/changing/playing/sleeping.

I’m having trouble staying in the present moment though. I’m very stressed about work. My part-time employee quit last week, so I had to kind of address that. His last day will be while I’m still on leave. So I’m antsy about how things are being handled while I’m gone. And I’m a complete mess about how I’m supposed to go back to working. My days are consumed with baby-tasks, I have no idea how I’m supposed to squeeze work in there. As well as fitting in regular blogging, working out, freelance tasks, etc. It’s causing me a lot of anxiety.

I have a lot of adhesive tape residue all over from incision, catheter, IV, epidural, etc. If you have any methods for getting rid of that, please let me know! I tried rubbing alcohol (didn’t do anything), oil (made it stickier), abrasive scrub (made the skin red and raw, no way am I doing that near the incision!)… it would be nice to get rid of that!

And I’m eagerly awaiting the Apple announcement on Wednesday… mama needs a new phone! (Or wants a new phone… and it’s weird to say that because I actually am a mama now.)


  1. I’m a new reader to your blog! It’s interesting because I am just now training for my first marathon (with a few HM’s under my belt), and then hopefully shortly thereafter, my husband and I will start our family. 🙂 I feel like I’m like a year behind you! So that means I can learn from you, right?? 😉 Good job on getting back out on the street so early. That’s awesome!

  2. Welcome to motherhood! Unless you have one of those mythical babies who puts herself to sleep and sleeps 12 hours through the night at one month old, 😉 you have now entered the world of never having enough time to do everything you want. It gets easier as the baby gets older, and you get better at managing your schedule and being a mom at the same time. Honestly, though, something’s gotta give. I’ve been a mom for eight years and I still struggle sometimes with frustration that I am not able to get certain things done. I used to be AWESOME at sending thoughtful birthday cards to all my friends and family, and that pretty much went by the wayside after Annalie was born. And since Elliora was born, I have not been blogging with any kind of consistency. I still miss doing both those things, and plan to get back to them someday…but if I don’t, that’s okay too.

    Brenda (SAJ) wrote a great post years ago about how you find the time to do what you love, and it’s okay if some other things don’t get done as perfectly or promptly. It’s so true. I console myself with that sometimes when I’m sighing about not being able to accomplish all I want to in a day, or a week, or a year. I’m raising my kids and hanging out with my husband and baking cookies and crocheting and traveling, and I’m happy. All the other stuff can wait for now.


  3. Big Joe says there are various adhesives in bandages. Have you checked with the nursing staff where your procedure was done to see exactly what the tape was and what they recommend to use?

    • No, I wouldn’t even know which nurses to ask, I’ve had so many different nurses and doctors attending to me and there were so many types of tape on me!

  4. I expect Jade to act punky. Something else is getting the attention. Keep reassuring the pup and all will be fine. Your entire family, including Jade is adapting to the newest addition.

    For the tape residue – I used finger polish remover (with acetone) to get rid of mine. I apply with a Q-tip

    For work – daycare. Because you telecommute doesn’t mean you treat your work any differently. You wouldn’t be able to take your infant to an office – so consider daycare?

    • Hmmm…. not sure I want to put nail polish remover near my incision yet either! LOL!

      I haven’t found an infant daycare anywhere near here that seems trustworthy. And you’re right, I wouldn’t be able to take the baby into the office. I do need to figure out childcare, it’s just overwhelming, especially since she’s so tiny. I don’t want to leave her at some facility with a bunch of other people!

  5. Jill, you’ll get there. Just try not to force things. I went up and down the stairs too much too soon and ended back in the hospital with an infection in my incision. I know it sucks, but try and be patient. You’ll be amazed at where you’re at 6 weeks from now!

    • Yikes! That sucks!

      But I’m putting you on my list of fit women who have had c-sections to inspire me! It feels like a lengthy death sentence, but there are so many women in that group… It will pass. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I tried to comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me. Weird. Anyway… I’m puzzled why you aren’t allowed to drive. Pushing a BOB and walking stairs are way more work! 😉

  7. I didn’t ask about the BOB, shhh…
    And apparently they have psychological concerns on the driving thing. The doctor said that women who have had c-sections are less likely to practice defensive driving movements if needed due to fear of pain. Something weird like that.

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