A Baby Will Be Born This Week

One way or another, I should have a baby by the weekend.

Your due date is in -4 days
From one of the various due date calculators online.

At my follow-up appointment today I was barely dilated to a 1. The midwife could feel the baby’s head and she said she felt a lot more encouraged by that than where things were last Friday. While she was “in there”, she stripped my membranes, which SUCKED… and I’m sure it’s nothing compared to actual labor.

(I did some Googling… of course… and there were several women who said that membrane stripping didn’t hurt at all. They also mentioned that they were dilated to a 3 or 4, so perhaps that had something to do with it. For me, it hurt!)

There is a chance that labor could start on its own from that action. But if it doesn’t, I am scheduled for induction processes to start on Thursday evening. I thought really hard about it and I didn’t really want to use drugs if I could avoid it… so I’m going with the creepy balloon induction on Thursday. However, I feel a little better about that plan now that my cervix is somewhat open. And with that option I’ll go home and get to hang out where I’m more uncomfortable. If I did a medicated induction, I would have to stay at the hospital for it.

Then on Friday morning I will go in (unless contractions and labor start coming on Thursday night) and they’ll start Pitocin if needed. So I guess however it happens, by Friday at the latest I should have a baby.

Probably… Maybe…

And then maybe I can stop yammering on about pregnancy crap and get back to running-related topics, which are far more interesting to me!


    • Mommy is pretty miserable… and this isn’t a convenience decision. My midwife doesn’t want me to go beyond 41 weeks due to placental deterioration. I’m saying okay to waiting clear until that point despite how crummy I feel physically at this point, assuming that my body supposedly knows what to do. I feel good about my choice.

  1. I’ve never had my membranes stripped but listening to my friends who have, your right up there with them. All of my friends have said it was terribly painful. Good luck this week!

  2. I had my membranes stripped with #2 and it hurt like a….

    I’ve never heard of the balloon thing, either. Hey, whatever works! I’m all for helping nature along without drugs. Do what you feel good about, it’s your baby and your body. Kudos to Kevin for making the delivery pie. Hopefully it worked and you’re at the hospital right now. πŸ™‚

    Having had 4 csections I can tell you, it would not be the end of the world! You will recover; I didn’t even start running till after #2 was born. My sis who has had both said the recovery from her vbac was “a million times better” than the recovery after the csection. But, you will recover either way.

    We keep thinking about you and praying that a healthy baby will come sooner rather than later!

  3. Woohoo for a baby by Friday! We’ll be passing through Las Vegas a week from today, most likely. I’ll let you know, and you can see how you’re feeling. If you’re not up to visitors, it’s TOTALLY OKAY. πŸ™‚ I can come up another time to see you guys and meet the baby!

  4. Hey Jill, hopefully you are well on your way to getting things going— I’ve read your blog for awhile now — got to it from another running blog. anyway, i’m not one for commenting but I think you have done other women such a service by posting about the difficulties of being a pregnant woman. I think people make it sound like it will be the happiest time of your life but for many women it is both terrifying and uncomfortable. I’m finishing up midwifery school this fall and work as a labor and delivery RN and I think about some of your blog posts when counseling women who are having a tougher time. I will be thinking of you throughout the next couple of days and keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well. The foley bulb is uncomfortable to put in but your body usually gets used to it and it works like a charm and dilating you! Good luck!!!!

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It has been difficult and when people feel the need to email me or tell me that I’m basically awful for expressing these feelings, it’s made me feel even worse! Your comment helps me as I’m going into my appointment later today, it kind of helps give me more strength, so thank you!

      And I’m glad to know that you think the foley method will be good… it sounds miserable, but I definitely thought it sounded better than drugs if I can avoid them!

  5. I’ve been almost compulsively checking Facebook for your updates. :). Had never heard about the balloon induction method till you mentioned it a while back. Will be interesting to hear how well that works. Either way, we’ll be thinking about you and are excited to hear when your baby gets here!

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