Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel

Meet the Enduracool Towel from Mission Athletecare:

Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel by Mission Athletecare
Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel by Mission Athletecare

The basic gist of this towel is that when it gets wet, it has a cooling action so you can use it on a run or whenever to help keep you cool. It does not contain any chemicals to achieve this cooling action and the towel is reusable and machine washable. It’s made from a polyester-nylon blend and can also be used dry to wipe away sweat during a workout.

Mission Athletecare Enduracool Towels

The towel comes in multiple sizes. I received the “Large” size, which is 12.25″ x 33″. They also make a “Regular” size which is 6.125″ x 37″. Truthfully, the Regular size seems like it might be the best for running since you can use it around your neck without having to double-up the layers by folding it in half. Of course, the regular size might be able to tie around your head in a do-rag style or something!

Enduracool Cooling Towel by Mission Athletecare

Honestly, the first time I tried it I just ran it under the cool water tap and gave it a shake. (To activate the cooling properties you have to get it wet and then snap it.) And it felt…. like a damp towel. Just slightly cool and it didn’t seem that impressive.

So a couple of days later I tried running it under warm water and did the snap. That’s when I could really tell that it was cooling itself down. Which was pretty cool, but it still didn’t seem completely remarkable to me. Eventually it still seemed like a damp towel. And in the dry hot desert air, it dries out pretty fast. And while I do sweat while working out, not enough to provide it with a continual supply of wetness to keep activating the cooling effect. (Perhaps in a more humid environment where sweat doesn’t evaporate so quickly like it does in Vegas?)

So my personal feeling is: immediately after a run if you wanted to wipe yourself down, this is a nice size towel. Lightweight, easily portable and does the job. If you’ve only got a bottle of warm water that’s been sitting in your car the whole run, dumping it on the towel and snapping it should activate enough of a cooling effect to feel relief post-run. But I didn’t feel it was enough cooling to power you through a long run, especially in the desert.

Legalese: I received this product free for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. My daughter and I are fighting over the EnduraCool towel at my house (Chicago area). She loves it and has with with her in her running bag all the time. It stays cool for hours for us, in fact I’m always surprised by the amount of time it stays cool while drying on the back of a chair.

    • Thanks for the info… see, I think humidity helps the longevity of the cooling effect. I need to go somewhere humid and try this out!

  2. I purchased one a few days ago. I walk 2 miles every morning in Florida. I wet it as instructed and wear it on my neck. I sweat ALOT but this thing does keep my neck and head area cooler. Gonna try it in the garden next but the key is to wet it and snap it as instructed to get the best results.

  3. Hello! I´m from Sweden and in my high school, we´re going to start a new company for one year. Me and my two friends read your blog article about the wet towel, and we thought it was a brilliant idea for our company. So we wondered where you bought your towel, because it´s nothing you can buy in Sweden yet.

    Pleace contact me on: amaanda_96@hotmail.com

    Thank you!

    From Amaanda

    • I know you can get them at a lot of sporting good stores here in the US. Also, they’re available on Amazon.com. I don’t know if that’s the case in Sweden though!

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