39 Weeks and All’s…

well, it’s 39 week into pregnancy. I don’t know if there are women out there who feel fabulous at this point, but if there are I don’t like them. 🙂

I feel like I’m waddling a little, but I really want to pay attention to my stride and not let it get sloppy or too majorly-pregnant-woman-walking-ish. Breathing is still troublesome, but now it feels like earlier in the pregnancy, just pregnancy-aggravated asthma not the asthma and baby in the lungs combination.

The baby is moving all the damn time and I hate it, it’s so uncomfortable. I’ve never really found the baby’s movements to be all that special or enjoyable, but right now they’re just painful. It’s like the baby is planning to go all Aliens or Kool-Aid Man and break right out the side of my stomach.

I’m tired of being asked how I’m doing constantly. The answer feels like it’s always the same. I’m really pregnant and uncomfortable. Are there other answers?
I feel like doing ballet and learning how to oil paint?

Oh, and I’m not nesting. At least, I’m not cleaning random nooks of my house or decorating stuff. But I have been working 10-11 hour days a lot, doing about 9 hours during my regular work hours and then picking up a couple more hours later in the evening. So maybe that’s my “nesting” energy surge. I do feel so much better about work right now though, I’ve got a lot of huge things checked off and some junk cleared off the work web server!

Here’s some worthless info for you:

  • My belly button is half out and half in.
  • I have no linea negra
  • I have not had any strong cravings (like, get-me-a-damn-pickle-now-before-I-explode cravings) this whole pregnancy

I had a doctor’s appointment today, just a regular weekly checkup. My midwife was out of town though so I saw another midwife that works for the practice. She didn’t volunteer my fundal height and I didn’t ask, it doesn’t really matter. They asked if I “wanted to be checked” and I declined. Like I said last week, if I’m dilated then I’m dilated. If not, then not. The baby will come when it’s good and ready and I don’t need those numbers cluttering up my head making me even more anxious about impending labor than I am.

So that’s where things are. I’m tired of being pregnant. I’m tired of weekly appointments. And I’m tired of weekly updates. If I’m bored with these updates, I can only imagine how others feel about them! Then again, everyone seems far more interested in the intricacies of my pregnancy than I am.

The most exciting thing (at least to me) was that I ordered and then received my BOB stroller. Some people contributed money toward it for baby shower open house gifts and some for my birthday. My hubby is getting really good at opening big boxes of things and assembling them!

Assembling the BOB Revolution stroller


  1. okay, can i just say that i luv this post…NOT because u’re obviously suffering like madness, but only because wat u’re describing is exactly what i tell people who ask if i want to have kids! i have visions of this little being inside me and rather than feel like, “aww, how wonderful, a new life!” i’m pretty sure i’d be mad as heck at this little alien making me suffer! let’s be honest, i’m a running addict so in addition to being irritable overall while pregnant, if it made my runs worse it would push me over the line!! stay strong girl, u’re amazing…all mothers suffer soooo much for our account, we all need to remember to be so thankful. 🙂

  2. i wonder how common those weird cravings are? i can just picture a 39-wk pregnant woman doing ballet too. perhaps a plie squat will get things moving?

    nice bob stroller! it will get lots of use for sure 🙂

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