No Need to Re/Preview

Las Vegas Weather for August 6, 2012Well, the “Week in Re/Preview” posts are going on a little hiatus. I just don’t feel the need to recap that I did nothing week-in-week-out. I already miss real workouts enough as it is, but I’m just too physically uncomfortable to do a lot right now. Add into the mix the forecast for this week, and I’m not a little less bummed to be missing early morning runs/walks… but still sad nonetheless.

(Well, I did ride 2.5 miles on my new FitDesk last week, but I felt like a clumsy oaf getting on it as my center of balance is so off now! However, I am soooooo excited to implement that into my lifestyle and share that experience online.)

I’m hoping people at work will get me stuff they’ve promised today and I can get that knocked out and then hopefully have a baby by Wednesday or Thursday. (Like you can wish or hope for timelines on this stuff!)

I have so many books I needed to read/review for this site, but I haven’t made it through all of them. But hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll get the chance to step that up. I swear I haven’t forgotten about them! It’s just the job that actually pays me required a little more attention lately. (10 hour work days suck no matter what, but they especially suck when all of your joints feel like they are breaking apart and it feels like an alien is trying to claw its way out the side of your stomach.)

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