Soleus Review Peek

I’ve been playing with the Soleus Running GPS 1.0 watch. I love the bright yellow! (But it does come in a more subdued black or black with subdued green or pink accents, if the yellow bothers you!)

Soleus Running GPS 1.0 watch

I’ll post a complete review on The RUNiverse in a couple of weeks, but I just wanted to share some of my preliminary thoughts:

  • LOVE the smaller size
  • LOVE the bright color
  • LOVE the easy charging clip
  • LOVE the battery life
  • LOVE the time mode
  • LOVE the price: $99
  • DON’T LOVE the band (it feels a little tough)
  • DON’T LOVE the banging on my wristbone
  • DON’T LOVE the interface and buttons, it doesn’t feel intuitive.

I will do a more comprehensive review, but so far… even though there are some things I don’t really care for I still think this is an excellent option for someone who wants to enter the GPS training market but doesn’t want to spend a ton on lots of extra features they’ll never use.


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