Week in Re/Preview

The week was a little different…

Monday: iPhone Forecast High 111°
I got a pedicure after work, since my belly is kind of in the way of reaching my toenails well and they were starting to look like I cut them with a weed-whacker!


Tuesday: iPhone Forecast 113°
After work, I took a cool bath. I was so overheated and my foot was swelling really badly. This helped. I have a huge bathtub, so it’s nice for soaking. But it is kind of hard to get into, especially now that I’m hauling around a pregnant belly.

Wednesday: iPhone Forecast High 113°
Another cool bath day! So weird, but it truly did feel good. (No… we’re not talking all the way into ice bath territory!)

My master bathroom
My master bathroom – photo taken right after we closed on the house.

Thursday: iPhone Forecast High 108°
The hubby and I went to see Brave. Yes, one of the last times (if not the last time) we get to go to a movie as just the two of us without worrying about finding a babysitter… we went to a kids movie! My foot swelled really bad during the movie, I was THIS close to moving to a different seat so I could elevate my foot. (Seriously, why would two people come and sit in the two seats directly in front of us when the theater was mostly empty? That just seems weird.)

Friday: iPhone Forecast High 90°
After dinner we went for a family walk; the hubby, Jade and me. It was a little cooler out and there had been a few sprinkles, so it was far more tolerable to go out around 7:00 than it’s been in a couple of months. I still felt slow and my belly felt super heavy. 1 mile.

Saturday: iPhone Forecast High 91°
Jade and I went out at 6 AM for a humid morning walk. We did 2.2 miles. I wore the FITsplint for this walk, but the belly still felt really heavy. Didn’t even attempt running intervals, just happy to move!

Sunday: iPhone Forecast 91°
Didn’t do a formal “workout”, but I did do some yard work: picked up dog poop, raked up debris after my hubby trimmed the shrubs and swept the sidewalks/driveway. I should have worn my FITsplint for this type of work too. It was pretty humid, so I tried to take it easy and make sure to re-hydrate myself.

For this week…
I’m hoping to get out for several walks, maybe attempt run/walk intervals again. The weather predictions are saying that by next weekend we’ll be back over 100 for the highs, but only a few degrees over that triple digit mark. After a week where we topped 110 several times and then had high humidity, the perception of what is hot changes fast. I still don’t know how so many of you can function when the humidity is over 50-60%… that’s the “high humidity” for here and it makes me want to die.

Other things I think I need to do:
– Most days I should lay down for a 1/2 hour during my lunch break.
– I need to work from my Macbook sitting on the couch for at least an hour each afternoon while keeping my feet elevated.
Both of these should help with the foot swelling issue… I think.


  1. We saw Brave while we were in Maui. The whole movie, Makenna was perplexed by the Scotish accent and kept asking me, “Why does Merida want to change her feet?” Now I realize that applies to you as well 😉

  2. We took our babies to the movie all the time, especially while they were small. If you have a bottle ready to go, it usually is pretty easy. I only every had to leave a movie one time and I was actually relived since it was so dumb, ever seen Solaris? We liked Brave, but it was different than I expected and the bears fighting scared Allyson.

  3. UGH, swelling feet. I hated that at the end of my pregnancy with E! The good news is, it gets better pretty much immediately after giving birth, and putting your feet up as often as you can really helps. Hang in there!

  4. look at that big bathroom and luxurious tub!! take a soak for me! (or is that for some reason bad for pregnant women? i don’t know these things)

    • Baths are good! Especially in a deep tub, it takes some of the pressure off the joints. Just no really hot water for the preggo ladies!

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