32 Weeks Along or 8 Weeks Left

Guess what I own?

I own a crib now.

The crib is black and the walls are gray (in case the cuckoo Instgram filters through you off at all). And the carpet is the same hideous, crap, tan carpet that is throughout our house. I still wish that we’d just ripped it all out when we moved in, so we don’t have to live in a carpet-replacing environment again at some point. But then again… that’s expensive and when you’re moving into a new house while still worrying about renting out your previous house, it gets hard to spend money when you’re cheap frugal.

We got the crib on Amazon, it’s the Stork Craft Verona crib. We seem to have gotten the last black one since that color option disappeared right after we purchased.

No mattress yet… or sheets yet. But I don’t think the kid will be sleeping there for a little while. But I feel somewhat more secure knowing we have that. Ready to have a kid? No way in hell… but glad that I seem to have a little progress on that front.

So is there any kind of theme or other decor in this “nursery”? Nope. I don’t know if I’ll do much to the room. I kind of hate decorating, but I can appreciate it when things look all pulled together. I don’t really call this the “nursery” and instead call it the “baby’s room” because “nursery” seems to imply some kind of theme to me.

I pinned this wall decal from Etsy. I thought it might be cool in nice gender-neutral colors like yellow, orange and lime-green. But I haven’t made any actual efforts to decorate. It doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things anyway.

Source: etsy.com via Jill on Pinterest

I should be at the doctor today, but had to postpone my appointment due to travels. I need to talk to my midwife. A fairly recent development is that everybody seems to freak out that we haven’t registered at the hospital to give birth. I had NO CLUE that was even something that should be on my to-do list and everyone acts like it’s just “DUH… that’s what you do.” Then when I looked at the hospital’s website to investigate it would seem that I need info from my doctor/midwife that I don’t have.

Honestly, I had always assumed that when you go into labor you just go to the ER!

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