Week in Re/Preview

This week was better!  I ran on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!  I did prenatal yoga twice!  I did strength training exercises everyday! (I’m just working different body parts, to avoid overly fatiguing myself, but to still get through all the areas of my body a few times each week!)

All reasons for needing exclamation points… at least in my book.

Athleta Hana Run ShortI think I need to find some new running clothes soon though.  I’m still wearing my regular running shorts (I love the Athleta Hana Run short!) but they are starting to leave an ugly imprint around my lower abdomen from the elastic waistband. I also don’t want to end up stretching them out so I can’t wear them after pregnancy. (Seriously, I love these shorts. They have a cute green and red color that I don’t have yet and I want them!)

Also, my running shirts are feeling a little short now.  My growing chest and pregnant belly seem to cause the shirt to ride up higher and feeling like I’m going to have my belly protruding out the bottom of my shirt isn’t comfortable!

My dilemma is that I’m not sure if I should find some actual maternity running shorts/shirts or just go buy bigger Target versions of these items.  I don’t really have any desire to spend a lot of money on these items because I’m hoping to not have to wear them ever again. (Maternity fitness gear seems to be expensive!)  But I don’t want to feel totally schlumpy and like I’m wearing a tent either. I did buy a couple of sports bras from Motherhood Maternity that I like and am hoping they will take me through the nursing time.  The old Target sports bras I used to rely on just don’t cut it anymore. My chest is getting heavier and I end up with horrible back pain, I usually end up icing the area a couple of times a day lately! (Boob-related injury?)

As for working out this week? Well… once again, no formal plans but I’m really hoping I feel good enough to run.  I kind of want to sign up for the Joggermom Marathon (I should do that RIGHT NOW if I want to do it!).  I think I could run 26.2 miles in a month, but I am worried about an upcoming vacation getting in the way of accomplishing all my miles. (Man… such a transition, I used to run at least that much in a single week! Pregnancy… you’ve changed me so much!)

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