Half Way(ish)

As of today I am 20 weeks along in my pregnancy. My first reaction was “Woo hoo! Half way done!”  But then I got thinking, “Well… kinda sorta half way done.”

Let’s talk about this weird counting that happens with pregnancy.  Perhaps you read these posts or talk to other people and think, “You’re how far along? Just tell me the number in months.”  If you think this way, odds are you’ve never been pregnant or around pregnant people much.  I was that way up until about 15 weeks ago. And then my counting habits turned around in a matter of hours.

See, a pregnancy is considered 40 weeks long.  However… the first two weeks of that you’re not actually pregnant.  The standard is to count from the woman’s last cycle. So when a woman gets pregnant, like the very day she gets knocked up, she is considered 2 weeks along.  Weird, huh?

So it’s kind of actually 38 weeks long.  But then again, there are no 100% guarantees that the kid will arrive on that due date.  The kid could be early or late… so that’s why I am saying that I am half way(ish) along.

Some weird moments this week:

  • I had a dentist appointment, just a regular 6-month cleaning. Upon conclusion we were scheduling my next appointment and the receptionist asked “Do you want to push it back a couple of weeks from the 6 month mark, since you’ll have a tiny baby then?”  I said yeah, but then I thought to myself “Oh crap! What the hell am I supposed to do with a tiny baby when I have to go to the dentist? Holy cow…”
  • I went maternity clothes shopping for the first time on Monday. Thankfully my mom was in town for a conference, so she could go with me. We went to a Motherhood Maternity store and I’m so glad I went there for my first time. They kind of celebrate the pregnant body and educated me on a few things.  And at least now I have some things so that the morning when I wake up and can’t fit into my regular clothes anymore, I have something to wear instead of having to rush to the store in an emotional and panicked state.
  • Practice BellyThey had a stunt belly you could wear to try on clothes at the store.  You can tell that I was obviously thrilled at this in the picture my mom snapped.  She sent that picture to my hubby and said, “This is what she looked like when she woke up this morning.” (Hubs is traveling for work.)  He texted back and said, “Did she sleep at a nuclear power plant?”  Apparently the stunt bump (I kind of hate the term “bump”) is supposed to add 3 months to your current state. So that’s what I’ll supposedly look like at 7.5-8 months along?  Somehow I feel like I’m supposed to look bigger than that by that time. That’s what it seems like from other blogs and online schtuff I see. I guess everyone has their own experience.
  • There was a couple shopping at the store the same time as us. The wife would come out to model something and the hubby’s response was, “I don’t know… you’re the one that has to wear it, not me.”  So dudes… if your spouse is expecting, that’s the wrong answer. Tell her she looks great or tell her honestly (but gently) if something isn’t working.
  • I was filling out a survey online and it asked “How many children under the age of 18 live in your household?”  And like always, I marked the ZERO.  But then I paused… Well, this kid is alive… and it lives in my household… Hmm…


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