Week in Re/Preview

This past week I ran a couple of times. I hiked once. I went on a walk. I did prenatal yoga several times. I did some strength training… All things I’m very proud of considering how crappy I felt just a few weeks ago.

I participated in my friend Charlene’s virtual race, FAB Running Virtual Celebration Event on Saturday.  At the conclusion of my run I instagramed this picture with the following caption: Funny how my perspective changes & I’m really proud of 2.5 miles. #pregnancy
Saturday run

And you know what… it’s really true.  A while ago I would have looked at 2.5 miles as “only” 2.5 miles, like I was weak.  But running during my first trimester didn’t really happen much, I felt like such garbage.  So now that I’m out running again (and I’m purposely taking to slower and easier) I feel such gratitude.  Even more so than starting to run again after the stress fracture.  With that I just assumed I would build up speed again and I would be racing in no time.  Right now, I know I’m probably going to slow down even more and then I’ll have a whole new obstacle to getting in running after the baby arrives.  So I’m just marveling at each run that I am still going.  In fact, that’s the message on my race bib from the FAB-O Virtual Run.
Bib from FAB-O Run 2012

For the upcoming week? I don’t know… Still trying not to build up schedules that are super strict. It’s supposed to be pretty windy this week and I don’t like running in strong winds, especially when I feel like my I’m losing my sense of balance even more. (And I’m always losing my balance, I have never been graceful but that’s something that started when I got to a really low weight with my eating disorder. Even with gaining weight back, I still find that I get dizzy or off-balance easier than I’d like.)

So I’ll run. I’ll do some yoga. I’ll do some strength training. I’ll walk… I’m just appreciating movement.

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  1. When my wife was pregnant any kind of activity was an effort. Kudos for finding the time and getting good miles in. Stay Healthy and Happy… that should always be the goal.

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