Week in Re/Preview

This past week was one of my better weeks, in regard to exercise, than I’ve had throughout most of this pregnancy thus far.  I was able to:

  • Do a prenatal yoga podcast from YogaDownload 3 times
  • Do two days of strength training
  • Take a couple walks
  • Do a three-mile errand run/walk (went to the drugstore to pick up a prescription!)
  • Do a trail run with Jade The Boxer

Weekend Trails
The trail run was definitely the highlight of the week.  I did it on Friday when I had the day off.  So of course, getting a random weekday off work and the chance to go run with the pup, it was a great day!

Of course, I was kind of tired all weekend long. But it was worth it!

This week I am not planning out any formal schedule, but I am hoping that I get the chance to keep it up.  The yoga was definitely great and will be incorporated, it helped immensely.  From tight joints to stiff back to exhausted brain… it was beneficial to all of those areas!  And running on trails was wonderful too. I want to try to get that in each week for a while, because once summer rolls around I won’t get it as much.  (Due to the heat in the desert trails I run and the fact that I will be much MORE preggo then and I’m not sure I’ll be trusting my balance on rocky terrain nor my internal thermostat to tolerate the heat much.)

One comment

  1. YOGA is so great when you’re pregnant. I was doing yoga during my last pregnancy up until the week before I went into labor. This pregnancy has been was more hectic and I have yet to fit in one single yoga class – only 9 more weeks to go before she is due! I hope to get a few yoga classes in before then!

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