The RUNiverse and Running for a Cause

This week the group blog that I’m working on with a group of friends launched.


We’re very excited about this venture, we all met through blogs several years ago and it’s fun to share this project together.  Of course, this also means that I’ve neglected this site just a wee bit this week!  Oh well… I’m sure I’ll figure out the balance!

I did want to quickly highlight a post that I put up on The RUNiverse about Josher and – Josher has an inspiring story about how he regained health (both emotional and physical health, both key components in overall health) through running.  But now he’s tackling raising money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute after his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.  This struck home for me, my mom has beat breast cancer twice.  She was treated at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.  Not only do they provide world-class care, but they also do important research that benefits people all around the world.

Josher has promised to run the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in full denim apparel if he reaches his fundraising goal… which I’m sure would make for a humorous race recap on his site and on JoggingJeans!

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