Team Challenge #RnRLV Pasta Party

Pasta Party Night
Me, just before the spirit line started. I was exhausted at this point, but the exhaustion left for a few hours during the amazing pasta party!
Pasta Party Night
Team Vegas’ Honored Hero Ashley before the Spirit Line
Pasta Party Night
Getting to meet some online friends from the Long Island Chapter during the pasta party!
Pasta Party Night
Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready talks to the crowd at the pasta party
Pasta Party Night
The top Team Challenge fundraiser in the nation this season… he raised over $50,000!
Pasta Party Night
Ronnie from my team is recognized as the top fundraiser from the local chapter. Ronnie raised over $5000 locally and $2000 for her daughter’s team in Texas.
Pasta Party Night
Current Honored Hero Ashley with past Honored Hero Dana
Pasta Party Night
Honored Hero Ashley is surprised to be called up on stage. Seconds after this, her boyfriend Walter proposed in front of everyone. So now he’s her FIANCE Walter!
Pasta Party Night
Mike McCready from Pearl Jam stopped by our team meeting after the pasta party to congratulate the newly engaged couple!
Me & Bill
And just before the night ended, I got to meet Bill… another friend from online. I knew him before he started participating with Team Challenge, it was so good to meet him in person at this event since he’s a TC participant now!

And finally…

The Race Day Outfit
The ridiculousness that is my race day outfit

I can’t believe I’m wearing a tutu on the course!

I modified my iFitness Fitletic double belt to be a tutu… I’m wearing a Zensah compression top, a Target C9 running skirt on top of Under Armour ColdGear tights.


  1. You are always adorable, but that race day outfit picture is the CUTEST! Your runners are really lucky to have such a dedicated, and spirited coach 🙂

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