Apparel Review: Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Frosty Tight

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When I knew I had to do a 20-mile run in 20 degree/snowy weather, an emergency trip to the store to get a pair of full length pants was on the agenda. Previously I did not own a pair of running pants, only capris/shorts/skirts.

Under Armour ColdGear Frosty Tight (image from

I chose these for a couple reasons: 1) they weren’t terribly expensive and 2) they were the only ones in the store that day that came close to fitting me. (See, I’m really picky.)

Here are the features of the pants, according to the manufacturer:

  • Cold weather compression legging built with ergonomic Flatlock seams to bolster muscle support and eliminate abrasion.
  • Brushed, double-sided fabric allows a maximum range of motion while locking in body heat and accelerating moisture transport.
  • UPF 30+ technology helps protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • 85% 6 oz PolyArmour™ / 15% Elastane.

My experience with the pants:

  • I liked that the pants were solid black. It’s more slimming! (Only kidding!)
  • They didn’t have any reflective markings on the pants, so if you were counting on little tiny spots to keep you visible for oncoming traffic, these are not the pants for you.
  • The compression does not feel that tight or supportive. This may not be a big issue for some people, but I prefer a little bit more muscle support from my running tights.
  • The flat seams are really nice on these, really not much chance of being rubbed the wrong way with them because they are quite soft.
  • The ankle gripping on the insides kind of hurt. Maybe it’s because the pants were kind of too long for my short legs, but it did seem to rub the skin around my ankles a little raw.
  • The pants absolutely did a good job of keeping me warm without overheating. I never felt chilled on my lower half during the frigid run, even during the wind blasts.
  • The material is kind of flimsy. In fact, they are already starting to unravel. It may be that I just had a pair with a defective spot, but on the inner left leg, just above my knee there is a spot where the material is pulling apart. This was after 1 pre-wash, 1 long run and then a post-run wash. I’m positive I didn’t have anything in the wash that could have snagged them either. I may e-mail the company to inquire about this.
  • They were a fairly decent price, $49.99 retail. That’s not the cheapest pair of running pants in the world, but it’s certainly not as expensive as some other brands. The other brands, in my experience, are usually worth the expense and I do feel that $50 bucks is overpriced when the pants are falling to shreds already. But in the overall scheme of athletic apparel, that’s a pretty fair price point.

So I can’t say that these are the best pair of running tights I’ve ever experienced, but they served the purpose of preventing frostbite that day! I would hope that not all of their products come to pieces so easily, maybe I just got a lemon. (Not that I’m pleased about that either, but it would make me feel better to know that not everyone with this same gear from UA has this issue.)


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