Week in Re/Preview

Last week I tried to keep my schedule kind of unscheduled… I had a big stressful meeting for work at the beginning of the week that was causing me a lot of anxiety.  And then I had Wednesday-Friday off work… I wanted to milk that 5-day weekend for all the relaxation benefits possible!

Here’s how last week broke down:

  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: Rest Day (due to traveling  and meetings for work!)
  • Mom and MeWednesday: Trail Running!!!  My mom was in town for Thanksgiving, so she rode her bike out to the trails, Jade The Boxer and I drove to meet her there.  We all played on the trails together.  So much fun!  We did about 3 miles on the trails (and my mom rode more with her ride between my house and the trails.)
  • Thursday: Catch the Gobbler 5K
  • Friday: Chores… no formal workout, but plenty of stuff around the house!
  • Saturday: Team Challenge’s final practice of the season!
  • Sunday: 8 mile run, 2.55 of which were with Jade

This week, I’m starting off with anxiety… I don’t know why.  I’m just not ready for work again.  I feel like I could really benefit from a long vacation.  And by vacation, I don’t necessarily mean going anywhere, I just want to have time to get my house in order and do whatever I want to do just for me.  Some selfish time I guess.

I have lots of stuff on my agenda this week, yet at the same time I don’t… does that make sense?  It’s not like my calendar LOOKS super full, it just is starting to feel that way.  I had an appointment with my gyno this morning, I’m meeting my co-coaches to go shoe shopping on Tuesday, I have a friend from out of town stopping by to see my new house on Wednesday, I’m getting lunch with a friend & I have an appointment with my therapist on Thursday, I have the RnRLV expo on Friday, a baby shower, a tweetup and TONS of Team Challenge festivities culminating with the race on Sunday night.  Those are all good things that I want to do, but throwing work on top of it just feels blah.

So here’s the loose plan for the week… we’ll see how things go.  I’m hoping to fall asleep really early tonight after reading my Kindle in bed for a while. (I just started reading Crossed by Ally Condie – I went to high school with Ally and it thrills me to see her have this success!)

  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: Run at Fleet Feet
  • Wednesday: Dahn Yoga (I’m going to cash in a Groupon!)
  • Thursday: Run
  • Friday: Run
  • Saturday: Yoga
  • Sunday: Rock and Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (as a coach, I anticipate getting more than the 13.1 miles of the course.)


  1. Gotta love that helmet hair!!!! Fun times with Jill and Jade!!! Have fun with all of your pure-race preparations and at the race.

  2. I’d love to have some time off, too! Sadly, I don’t see any breaks in my future. But, I’m really curious to hear what Dahn Yoga is like. I remember when I first saw one open up here in Vegas, I went by the studio to check it out/get a schedule, etc.. Although the philosophy seemed cool, the studio felt kind of franchise-y. Please let us know how it goes! And I hope you can feel more relaxed and settled in your new place soon.

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