Music to Power the Run

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A while ago I saw a commercial on Comedy Central for Rhapsody music service. It advertised a 60-day free trial on the site. So out of curiosity, I went to the site and signed up for the trial… and I LOVE IT! My trial continues well into May, but I’m pretty sure I’ll pay for the monthly subscription once it’s up because I love it so much!

Basically Rhapsody allows you to listen to pretty much any song or album that exists. You can build playlists out of these songs… you can listen to entire new albums (or old albums)… and with the Rhapsody app (iPhone, Android & Blackberry), you can download these songs to play on the go. They aren’t downloaded into your actual iTunes library (or other music player) and are only available through the app, but the music isn’t streaming the playback over the air… so you can play the songs with the phone in airplane mode or when you have no service.

It totally rocks!

I love music, but I’m not really keen on buying albums that I haven’t heard before so this helps me in that regard. Plus it allows me to explore other artists that I may not hear on the radio and albums that I just want to listen to out of sheer curiosity.

Like Britney Spears‘ latest album: Femme Fatale. Which gave me the opportunity to hear a collection of some of the most ridiculous lyrics every written down. Things that if I had written myself I would be embarrassed and ashamed to share with others. And the grand daddy song of the dumbest lyrics in the entire world in the song: Big Fat Bass

After hearing this I immediately had to tell my husband, “You need to hear these lyrics! They’re so stupid!”

His response was, “If they’re so stupid, why do you want to subject me to them?”

I thought about it… he was right, I needed to post them on my blog for even more people!

Big fat bass
The big fat bass
(Repeat a billion times)

I can be the treble baby
You can be the bass
You can be the bass
You can be the bass
(Repeat a billion times)

Y’all better get ready for the kick drum
For the kick drum
For the kick drum
(Yep, more repeating)

Me and Brit got the whole club trippin
They sit and wait and listen
For the kick drum
For the kick drum
For the kick drum
For the kick drum

Ah… America… people can get ridiculously rich writing garbage like that. But truthfully, if you set it to the right beat, you could really say just about anything and call it music. (Those are just the highlights… you can read the full lyrics if you’re interested!)  But I will admit, the beat made me move faster!

But that’s all beside the point, I’ve really enjoyed piecing together playlists for my long runs on Rhapsody.  They’re full of all kinds of music: pop, rap, alternative, indie-rock, etc.  And some of the stuff I wouldn’t want to listen to at any time other than during a run… so it’s a great solution for me.  (And I listen to it all on my One Good Earbud… which I’ll post about in a separate post, but I’m REALLY happy with that!)

I didn’t get anything from Rhapsody for writing this, I’m just loving it so I thought I would share!

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