Revisiting Resolutions

Plum Blossoms 2009It’s a new quarter in the year 2-0-1-1! This means that you should be changing out your toothbrush and washing all your windows.  (The ADA recommends you change your toothbrush every 3 months and super-housecleaners recommend cleaning windows on a quarterly basis.  I can follow that toothbrush one, but who has time to clean their windows that often? I’ve got running to do! I like looking through dust and dirt!)

It’s also a good time to check back on resolutions created at the beginning of the year.  Many people make resolutions and either immediately forget about them or they have burned out on them from being too zealous with change.  Typically just 46% of people are still holding to their resolutions by the time we hit the 6-month mark…1 If they took a look at their list and re-evaluated throughout the year they would have a better chance at (Duh!) winning the resolution game.

Be Honest

Take a look at those resolutions you made when you were riding the high of a new year and a clean start.  Were the resolutions made based on societal expectations or your true desires?  Were they practical for you as an individual? Maybe they were, but as Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Our lives are always changing and unexpected twists/turns are bound to happen.  The simple act of life moving forward and LIVING our lives can make those previously practical resolutions now look completely unreasonable.  Take a look at your goals and re-assess.

Achieving the Goal

When making resolutions people are often random and arbitrary.  While it does help to make resolutions that have some degree of specificity, it is also essential to look at the actual means to achieving your goal.  Men frequently succeed more through using concrete goal setting techniques (measurable methods to determine success, numbers, deadlines, etc.).  Women succeed at a higher rate if they use a support network (friends, family, blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.) to receive feedback and encouragement toward a goal.2 Make sure you are taking the steps necessary to help you reach the goal, obviously you can’t just sit back and wait for the resolution to happen to you!

Re-Write Them

Once you’ve taken a look at the resolutions, re-write them. (Or re-blog them, or re-tweet them… whatever works for you; tweeting seems like it would be a lot easier to lose them amongst the chatter though!)  If your goals have changed, re-writing them will give you a new record of these goals.  If your goals have not changed, re-writing them will remind you of their importance.

My Check-In

Plum BlossomsSo how am I doing with my 2011 resolutions?

1. Run More
This falls into that “random and arbitrary” category.  And this is one that I have to re-evaluate or consider eliminating.  I’ve felt weird ups and downs with my energy levels since January.  I have a half-marathon on May 1 and after that my doctor wants me to cut my running mileage down to 10-12 miles a week.  That makes me sad, but I need to do what I have to for my health and for my family.  So I think I will re-word this goal: Feel Good Running

2. Get to MTH
I’m working on that… which, ironically enough, is part of the reason why I have to run less.

3. Try New Things
I just got a weighted hoola hoop… and it is a blast!  I’m not up to performing any tricks yet, but it is so much fun.  I know it’s supposedly “exercise” and “good for you” but truthfully I don’t even think of that when I use it… it just feels like I’m playing!  I’ve also been running in more minimal shoes all the time and enjoying that transition.  I bought a Groupon to a yoga studio near my home which I plan to use after my May half marathon as well.  The studio offers a wide variety of yoga classes, but also some other things like Zumba and Nia.

JadeTheBoxer chews on running shorts
JadeTheBoxer chewing on a pair of my running shorts she stole from the laundry.

4. Make Jade The Boxer a Runner
She’s going through a rebellious teenager phase where I think she’s even worse on a leash than she was when we first brought her home.  So right now, I’m just trying to make her walk on the leash without driving me insane (or hurting me! She’s getting really strong!)

Nike Women - Make Yourself MovementThis post was written as part of the Nike Women Make Yourself Movement for April.
Now let’s have you weigh in:
Did you follow through with your New Year’s Resolutions? How will you approach and/or modify them for the remainder of the year?



  1. I’m actually impressed that 46% still keep their resolutions at six months! And here in Vegas, there’s no reason to waste your time washing the inside of windows with how quickly they’ll be covered in sand and dust on the outside 🙂

    As for resolutions, I’m actually doing pretty well so far with eating healthier and exercising more. I’ve hurt my foot so I can’t do yoga right now but as soon as I’m healed, back on the mat for me!

    • I need to get a balance kind of like you have when it comes to trying new and different foods! I’m sorry your foot is hurt though, that’s a bummer!

      I agree about the window washing in Vegas, plus I have solar screens on the outside of my windows and those just collect dust anyway, so I never have a clear view through them!

  2. LOve the Boxer. I have a Boxer her name is Roxy she runs with me and Loves it. My suggestion is this nose harness it goes around her nose (and neck) its not mean our trips are so much more pleasant. My hands arent blue from being squeezed by a pulling Boxer and she gets to go on much longer walks more often. Check it out !

    • I tried one of those nose collars on her earlier, but she just sat in puppy obedience school smacking her own face trying to paw it off. But maybe I’ll try it again now that she’s a little older.

  3. I can’t imagine cleaning all of our windows every quarter! That would cost a small fortune. 🙂

    Overall, I’ve done pretty well with my resolutions. I hope you’ll tell us more about the hooping. I discovered this video last year and have been intrigued by it ever since. It looks so fun!

  4. Clean windows? Um I’ve lived in my house for 5 yrs and definitely never cleaned them… And from the looks of it neither did the previous owners 😉 oops?

  5. […] I mentioned a while ago that after this recent half marathon, I would be cutting my mileage back for a while. I’m not going to lie… it feels very strange to run so little. There is a part of me that is aching to go out for a good run. (But having some real physical aches from my Elliptigo clumsiness is making it a little easier to be content with the reduced running. In addition to some spots where I scraped skin off my feet, it appears that I have hurt my ankle. It is swollen, bruised and feels very tight. I don’t know if that is a sprain or not, but I do know that it sucks.) […]

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