Weekend Recap

Team Challenge My Team Challenge group ran a local 5K on Saturday held by Fleet Feet. It was a chance to let them experience the race environment a little.  Sadly, I was not there. 😦  In fact, neither of us coaches were there… we had to get substitutes!  I feel a little bad that I missed the day, but I was off doing something good…

Relay 2011 It was time for my annual trek to help my mom with the Relay for Life event she helps to organize.  Each year we run the registration/accounting that happens during the event.  I don’t mean to brag (yes I do!) but we’re really good at it… we’ve got it down to a science.  My mom is so on top of that process that she may get to start traveling around to show other people setting up Relay for Life events how to run this aspect of the event effectively.

The economy definitely took a toll on this year’s event, the total raised (as I write this) is just over $28,500.  Not nearly as high as in year’s past, but it’s still great and the money goes to the American Cancer Society to help benefit research for all types of cancers.

This morning (Sunday morning) I was planning to get in a run.  The day was clear and sunny and I’ve already noticed the beginnings of shorts tan lines on my thighs, so I knew I had to make sure to get the sunblock on.  I ALWAYS wear sunblock on my face, but in the winter months when I wear long sleeves or arm warmers, I usually don’t put sunblock on my arms… or my legs (even when I wear capris!) and that’s a habit I need break.  Why?

SCAPE sunblock1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer and 90% of skin cancer is caused by sun damage.  I spent the weekend at an event that was all about fighting cancer and  each year 1.3 million skin cancers are diagnosed in the US, more than any other cancer out there.  Cancer sucks! I often talk about “when” I get cancer not “if” I get cancer (big cancer history in my family) so if there is anything I can do to hopefully prevent a cancer, I’m going to try.

So I made sure to slather on a bunch of SCAPE sunblock, but my little JadeTheBoxer was really trying to do everything in her power to make sure she got all of that sunblock off BEFORE I headed out the door.
Jade licks off sunblock Jade licks off sunblock

But I did manage to make it out the door without her consuming too much SCAPE and set off on the run.

And the run? Well, it sucked. It just felt hard and I felt crampy/uncomfortable/beat the whole time.  But to find the good in that… I did knock out over 10 miles and that always feels good mentally!  I’m just going to choose not to dwell on the suckitude that manifested on the run today.  Tomorrow is a new day!

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Did you do anything fun?  Are you planning to follow tomorrow’s Boston Marathon?  I’m rooting for Kara Goucher!


  1. We are just a good team! I appreciate your help so much! It’s no wonder your run was so hard, we didn’t get much rest on Friday night! I’m still tired!! Love you!

  2. I’ve had my own personal experience with skin cancer (just last year), so I appreciate the sunscreen shoutout. So many runners forget about it!!

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