New Running Partner… someday

Today I am making my way back to Las Vegas from Sacramento area after the Rio Del Lago 100 race. (I worked at it!) Instead of flying home, like I did to get out there, I am a passenger in a vehicle as we haul equipment back to Nevada. But while I’m making the journey, I thought I would introduce you to my new running partner. Well, someday she’ll be my partner.

What's that sound?!

A friend started talking to a woman at the salon that had a boxer puppy and she wanted to get rid of it, she said she didn’t have the time to take care of it. My friend contacted me and asked if we would be interested. We’ve been talking about getting a dog for a while. We never found any shelter dogs that really clicked with us and I didn’t want to pay for some deranged puppy from a pet store that is used to defecating in her own den. (So sad…) We went to meet the puppy and she immediately took to me. The previous owner just said she wanted to find the pup a good home, somebody that would take the time needed to do the training and would love her.

Jade & Me

We named her Jade. This little girl came into our lives at the right time (except for the fact that I was traveling this weekend and left my husband alone with her). Right now, she’s just a 3-month-old baby… so she can’t really be my running partner yet. I take her on short little walks about a quarter of a mile, but she’s not very good at being on a leash yet. She’ll learn!


  1. Boxers rock. We absolutely love ours.

    Penny is still pretty terrible on a leash, as are many boxers. I have no idea why.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL dog – congrats Jill! While I have a Boston Terrier for now (whom I love more than anything in the world), I constantly think about which breed of dog I’d like to get next and Boxer is at the top of the list – not only are they gorgeous creatures, but they have such a wonderful disposition too.

  3. I love boxers. My neighbor has one and she is the best dog. She will be a great running partner. I so glad you took the puppy because I know you will give it all the love and care it needs.

  4. […] Jade the Boxer: The puppy is entertaining and hard work. I take her for a mile walk each morning and another mile in the evening. If she’s behaving, we can do the whole loop in about 17 minutes. When she’s being naughty, it can take us closer to 30 minutes. That’s because when she pulls and pulls and pulls on the leash, I don’t move. She doesn’t get to make any forward progress unless she’s playing nicely. However, I do feel a bit like a moron standing in the middle of the sidewalk with a puppy scrambling at the end of a leash for several minutes. But I’m trying to establish my place as the pack leader, and that effort takes time. Plus I’ve had a few weekends where I was out of town since I got her, meaning I missed out on some opportunities to really focus on the training. […]

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