Missing Mojo

Things that are causing my feelings of fatigue and malaise…

Un-Fall Forecast
Heat: The past few days the thermometer has creeped back up into the 100’s. I’ve had a rough time with the heat this summer and after a brief taste of autumnal weather (yes, 90’s feel like fall to me now) this increase has me a little irritable. The leaves are falling off the trees in my yard yet it still feels like I could bake cookies on the sidewalk. My dog acts like I’m torturing her when she has to go outside in the afternoon for a potty break.

Speaking of the dog…

Sitting Innocence
Jade the Boxer: The puppy is entertaining and hard work. I take her for a mile walk each morning and another mile in the evening. If she’s behaving, we can do the whole loop in about 17 minutes. When she’s being naughty, it can take us closer to 30 minutes. That’s because when she pulls and pulls and pulls on the leash, I don’t move. She doesn’t get to make any forward progress unless she’s playing nicely. However, I do feel a bit like a moron standing in the middle of the sidewalk with a puppy scrambling at the end of a leash for several minutes. But I’m trying to establish my place as the pack leader, and that effort takes time. Plus I’ve had a few weekends where I was out of town since I got her, meaning I missed out on some opportunities to really focus on the training.

Speaking of being out of town…

Cedar Canyon Half Marathon
Cedar Canyon Half Marathon: This downhill race really worked over my body. My quads hurt for several days after, and while that pain is now gone my right knee is feeling a little off… a little wonky. I don’t think it’s necessarily injured, just a little overstressed. It hurts when I walk down stairs and when I crouch down to play with the puppy. I’ve been icing it and will tape it up when I run next, but for now… I’m giving it the rest it deserves. I also have a ton of bruises on my legs after the race. A couple of them are from the puppy (she gets a little overexcited at times), but some of them are complete mysteries to me and showed up in the days following the race. I don’t know if they are necessarily due to the hard effort, but that’s what I’m blaming! They need to heal some too.

In keeping with my “Off-Season Epiphany“, I’m allowing myself a brief break this week. It should cool back down to the 90’s next week and I will be ready to run again then. I have even gone so far as to write a marathon training program for myself that begins next week. Am I signed up for a marathon? Uh…. no. Will I register for a marathon? Perhaps… But I am really getting the itch. It’s been a long time since the infamous DNF


  1. Good to hear you’re trying to hold your own against the puppy – it’ll pay off when she’s big! (and she’s a total cutie.)
    Hopefully you heal quickly, and if you’re looking for redemption here in the valley, let me know 🙂

  2. I agree – you are training her right! Everyone who comes in contact with her will appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to train her right. Yay Mama Jill 🙂

    I also agree on the heat being a life-suck. I am totally blaming my blah-say summer running on it! Thank goodness it’s cooled off here/some tropical storm is on the way.

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