Timing a Race: Rio Del Lago 100 & 50K

Instead of being at Team Challenge practice this morning… I am timing the Rio Del Lago 100 mile & 50K race in Granite Bay, California for Desert Sky Adventures.

Rio Del Lago Course
Rio Del Lago 100 mile course

The 100 mile runners have 30 hours to complete the race. The 50K runners have 12 hours to complete the race.

Rio Del Lago course
Rio Del Lago 100 mile & 50K course

Since there will obviously be a large amount of time where people aren’t coming across finish lines, I’m also going to be kind of helping with the “command central”; as runners make it through various checkpoints on the course, volunteers will be tracking their bib numbers and radioing the details back to our home base. We’ll keep all the details in a spreadsheet so that we make sure not to lose anyone out there.

Rio Del Lago course
Along the Rio Del Lago 100 mile & 50K course

I’m excited to witness this event and see the ultra-endurance athletes as they come across the finish line. 100 miles is an awesome achievement and I’m privileged to be a part of the team to bring about the return of this event.


  1. Where is this? It is really pretty. Hope the runners get a chance to look around as they pass through. Good for you being able to help with this.

  2. Thanks for being there for the runners.
    I’m watching for the progress of Bib #37/#102 (from Georgia) to be posted.
    Is there a way to see movement from here by the computer or do I have to wait for the race to end?
    Good stuff, run Jill run.

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