Lessons Learned

This week’s Monday Brain Exchange question: It goes without saying that anytime you challenge yourself, you learn something. What are some of the things you have learned on your own personal journey through fitness, whether it be from triathlon, running or just simply training?

Respect the Distance
It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve run a certain distance, some days feel differently than others. And it’s usually when I say to myself, “Oh… it’s just XX miles. I can do that no problem.” when it feels the hardest. Plus, every distance is a challenge to someone else. Thus we should all respect and celebrate the fact that we can run, no matter what distance we are able to cover.

Dogs Like Me
If there is a loose dog in the vicinity while I’m running, it will find me. I don’t know if I just look like a meal or a chew toy, but I’ve had far too many run-ins with loose dogs than I would care to have experienced.

I’m my Competition
I have to learn this one over and over, but I can’t compare myself to other people. It’s hard when you hear of someone who just naturally goes out for a race and runs at a pace I can only dream about hitting. But as long as I focus on what I personally can do and not on someone else’s performance, I’m doing alright.

There Will Be Variables
To continue off the previous one, even though I’m only competing against myself, that’s not to say that I’ll be able to do better than the previous time. Differences in how I feel, weather, equipment from day-to-day can change the outcome.

Fun and Longevity are my Ultimate Goals
As awesome as it would be to go out and run like an elite, I have realized that my ultimate long-term goals are to have fun when I run and to be able to do it for the rest of my life. I’m not going to beat myself up for short-term satisfaction if it leads to a lifetime of dissatisfaction.

Coaching is Great
I really enjoy coaching others. I almost don’t care about my own performance as much as I do about encouraging them and being able to watch them grow. The idea of helping someone reach a new level, whether that’s covering a new distance or shooting for a new PR, it’s so rewarding and it makes me feel like I’m sharing something great with another person.


  1. Nice post!! It is funny… I could have written it myself. I agree with a lot of your points (except for the dogs… luckily, I have only had one negative dog run in)

  2. I love these! I struggle with remembering that I am my own competition too! And I love the idea of “respecting the distance!”

  3. I feel like I could have written these for the most part. Darn Dogs!

    And I 100% agree with fun and longevity!

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